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Author: Gunslinger ()
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

On 4/26/00 at 19:51 rRaminrodt {CB} wrote:
>Name:Brandon Stewart
>Bank account number: 666 666 666
>Favorite Tonic: 3 liter of Dr.Pepper
>Favorite Music: b)Your singing
>Favorite food: Pastas
>Favourite British spelling of a word: Urmmm...brain no processs..
>Favorite brand of electronics: Creative Labs
>Favorite Starcraft Race:(c)Protoss
>Favorite book: Lord of the Rings
>Favorite Magazine: PC Gamer
>Favorite Cereal: I hate cereal
>Favorite Deja Vu Experience: Stoopid question?
>Favorite Deja Vu Experience: Looks familiar?
>Favorite TV channel: 33 (Sci-Fi)
>Checkers OR Chess: Chess
>Pencil OR Pen: Pen
>Calculator OR Abacus: Calculator
>Binary code OR Hiroglyphics: Binary
>Do you know how to make a paper airplane: Yeah
>Favorite President: Bandwidth
>Do you accept COD's: Yes
>Have you ever or will you ever buy one of those
>"Available only on TV" CD offers: Nope
>Do you know the second verse to the National Anthem: Yes, and the third
>Do you believe in ghosts: Yeah. They are great with nukes.
>Do you believe in ghostbusters: Who you gonna call?
>Who are you gonna call: HAHAHa. Didn't see that.
>Do you believe in the TV news: Not in this state.
>Do you believe in conspiracy theories:S ure.
>Favorite Deja Vu Experience:I know I've seen this before.
>Do you know how to tell a soft-boiled egg from a raw one (explain): Soft boiled egg?
>Have you ever been abducted by aliens: Haven't we all?
>What is the hardest class you've ever taken: AP Chemistry
>Do you have Num-Lock enabled right now: Yes
>Have you ever been in a mental institute: No
>Have the voices in your head ever told you to escape from
>a mental institute: No. But the purple monkey tells me other things sometimes. He makes me do bad things.


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