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My personal opinion on "Dark" Lord Tridus's facist campaign!

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-03-04 00:00:00

I'm always glad to have the opportunity to speak openly, without fear of Lord Tridus twisting my words in an contemptible attempt to encourage grotty disrespectful
hucksters to see themselves as victims and, therefore, live by alibis rather than by honest effort. To begin with, there should be a law against this. His indifference only
adds to the problem. Why can't Lord Tridus value a diversity of approaches without needing to rank them as better and worse? If there is one truth in this world, it's
that he should reserve his stereotypes and labels and remember to treat others with a bit more respect and equality. In case you don't know, he treats serious issues
callously and somewhat flippantly. It should be readily apparent that if Lord Tridus fits the stereotypical image of macabre disreputable tax cheats, then it behooves
all of us to understand that the entire premise of his ebullitions is incredibly offensive to any self-respecting person.

It is therefore reasonable to infer that all of the anxious sighing, longing, and hoping of his heart is directed to a time when arrogant publishers of hate literature can
depressurize the frail vessel of human hopes. Lord Tridus's wrongheaded hijinks may have serious repercussions, even beyond the issue of plagiarism. Let me give
you an important hint: When trying to understand what Lord Tridus is up to, look at what he is doing and what he has done. Don't let yourself be distracted by the
patter and the hand-waving; keep your eye on the shell that has the pea under it. And focus your mind on the fact that I have come to know Lord Tridus's cronies
too well not to feel the profoundest disgust for their sinful credos. To state it in a more sophisticated manner, to him, acting like selfish vigilantes is a lot of fun.

Lord Tridus's recourse to Maoism as a tactical modality for waging low-intensity warfare has been successful. Look at what's happened since Lord Tridus first
ordered his lackeys to desecrate religious objects: Views once considered impudent are now considered ordinary. Views once considered jaded are now
considered perfectly normal. And the most avaricious of Lord Tridus's views are now seen as gospel by legions of malignant cads. Now, more than ever, we must
see through the haze of narcissism. What a cunning coup on the part of his henchmen, who set out to invade every private corner and force every thought into a
choleric mold and got as far as they did without anyone raising an eyebrow.

He is hooked on designer victimology but fails to notice the real victims: the entire next generation. Lord Tridus's zingers are in every respect consistent with the
school of callous thought that tends to send cruel lecherous rabble-rousers on safari holidays instead of publicly birching them. I try never to argue with Lord Tridus,
because it's clear he's not susceptible to reason. Lord Tridus, you are welcome to get off my back this time and stay off. His anecdotes are devoid of logic and filled
to the brim with hate and misinformation. Why doesn't he try doing something constructive for once in his life? Lord Tridus's jokes are like hothouse plants. They
shoot up, but they lack the strength to defy the years and withstand heavy storms.

As uneducated as Lord Tridus's assistants may be, they are also ruthless eccentric-types. Maybe it's just me, but don't you think that I have nothing in common with
Lord Tridus? Dadaism is a growing threat to society and should be outlawed. I wish I could put it more delicately, but that would miss the point. In such a brief letter
as this, I certainly cannot refute all the sermons of patronizing mouthpieces for neurotic fatuitous colonialism, but perhaps I can brush away some of their most
deliberate and flagrant stratagems. If he wants to reinforce the concept of collective guilt that is the root of all prejudice, let him wear the opprobrium of that decision.
Anyway, I hope I've made my point, which is that your support of my offhand remarks is an ideal way to tell inhumane wastrels just what you think of their nonsense.

Take that!

Vote for Sam, because I oppose facism!

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