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(storytime again) 'Your computer has an imaginary friend?'

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

Sitting in his quarters typing away on Sashie, Tridus stopped to take another sip of coffee and look at the now sleeping rRaminrodt who had his head buried inside a large book of Klingon. His snoring was making it impossible for Tridus and Sashie to sleep, which at the very least meant the translation job would be done sooner.

"Ok Sashie... now, all we need to do is give the computer a new voice, and all will be well. Where do you think we should get the voice from?"


Tridus sighed. This Cynthia business was really getting out of hand.

"Sweetie, I'm not sure if thats such a good idea, after all I don't even think Cynthia has a voice..."


"*sigh* Sashie, maybe we should use someone everybody else is more used to, you know, li..."

"CYNTHIA!!!" Sashie screamed.

Tridus rubbed his ears.

"Cynthia it is then." Tridus pressed a few buttons on a computer console beside him. "Ok, go ahead and do the transfer now."

"YAY! Uploading..."

A progress meter then appeared and slowly progressed upwards. when it hit 100%, Tridus pressed a few buttons and a comm link to the bridge opened up.

"Bridge here." BandWidth's voice greeted him.

"Hiya... do me a favor, and ask the computer how its doing."

"Oh ok... wait a minute? Isn't it just going to answer in Klingon?"

Tridus smiled. "Just try it."

"well, ok... Computer, how are you today?"

To that, a voice somewhat similar to Sashie's but with a stronger french accent replied "good, how are you?".

There was a pause before Bandwidth responded. "What the hell was that Tridus??"

Sashie answered first. "That was Cynthia!"


"My best friend!"

"Uhh... alright..."

Tridus finally spoke up, trying not to laugh. "BandWidth, right now that AI doesn't do a lot except for talk, its not interfaced into the ship's systems or anything yet. We'll be working on that down here over the next few days, you can expect it to totally replace the old system within a week or so I'd say."

"Alright, Bridge Out." *click*

Tridus laughed. "hehehe, that was amusing. I think this will take them a little bit of getting used to."

"Yes daddy, but they'll like her, everybody loves Cynthia!"

"I know sweetie, I know..."

Changes by this story
Nothing major, the computer's new voice is Sashie's imaginary friend Cynthia, who doesn't actually do much of anything yet because the AI system isn't tied into any of the ships systems yet. But it does make interesting conversation. :-)

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