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(POST BOX STOREE) Nothing Happening

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00


I'm destructive.
Some women find that seductive.
Some say it's lunacy.

-Puff Daddy

(SM_007 flipped the card over and looked at it. Then he frowned.)

SM_007: Damn.

(SM_007 threw the rest of the cards on the table, and stood up, stretching.)

SM_007: Ungh. There's got to be another way...

(Just as SM_007 was trailing off, the door to his room slid open as Edge walked in.)

Edge: Hey, SM! How are you doing?

SM_007: Um, okay.

(Edge looked over at the table.)

Edge: What ya up to?

SM_007: Oh, I was just playing solitaire.

Edge: Ah.

(Edge looked at the table for a few more seconds.)

SM_007: Did you talk to BandWidth at all?

(Edge sighed.)

Edge: I don't think he's about to let you out of here. Not for a while, yet.

(SM_007 sat down on his cold bed. Edge walked over.)

Edge: You just have to stick through it. Not everyone is going to trust you.

SM_007: Do you trust me?

(Edge looked away instantly.)

Edge: I just remembered that I'm late for duty, and--

(SM_007 leaped off of his bed, grabbed Edge, and spun him around hard.)

SM_007: I...

(SM_007 looked at Edge, then let go and sat back down.)

SM_007: I can't stay in here forever.

(Edge was rubbing his shoulders as he headed for the door to SM_007's quarters.)

Edge: Sometimes, the punishment fits the crime.

(Edge left the room.)

SM_007: Yeah...

(SM_007 screamed as he picked up his table and threw it accross the room. It hit the wall and fell to the ground, broken. SM_007 clutched his fists and took a deep breath. He needed to hold on. He couldn't let it all fall apart now.)

SM_007: Why can't I control...?

(SM_007 stopped speaking to himelf when he heard something else whispering to him. It was quiet, and subtle. But he could hear it. Something was giving him commands, so quiet he could not understand what it was saying. But he understood what the messanger was. In his room, alone, SM_007 felt, heard and touched what he recognized as his unseen ally whom he thought had abandoned him.)

(SM_007 sat on his bed, rocking back and forth, quietly, full of rage and alone.)

Virtue mine honour

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