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The Language Barrier

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

=USS Riptide, Engineering bay=

rRaminrodt banged his head against the desk a cople of times.

rR: Argh. Why'd I have to to this job?

Tridus: Because you said you didn't like programming very much. Stop whining already, you weren't the one who just got out of the hospital bed.

rR: *frowning* Ah fine. What do you need next?

Tridus: SoQmoH.

rRaminrodt flipped through the pages of the book in front of him.
rR: to Close, verb

Tridus: Very nice, *smiling* that would make sense since its all over the valve controls...

rRaminrodt moans and slumps in his chair.
rR: When is she going to wake up??

Tridus: Quit complaining, we've only been doing this for 5 hours. Anyway, she needs her sleep.

rR: Me too.

Tridus: Do you want to get this done or not?

rR: Of course, but its kinda late... You're some kind of perfectionist robot. I want to die.

Tridus: tep

rR: Cargo, noun... Ergh. I hate klingon!

The sound of the two chatting passed through a few of the bulkheads only to be drowned out by the humming of the engines in idle which ran throught the rest of the sleepy ship.

In the spirit of the recent others, nothing much. But the klingon is pretty much all translated now! YAY!

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