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*** Election message from you favourite ferret ***

Author: Anonymous (Ikik, ferret of OOH!)
Date: 2000-04-25 00:00:00

Ikik: Vote Ikik!
^$^: You're not even running this time Ikik. Stop spamming the forum!
Ikik: Vote Ikik!
^$^: No Ikik, you already lost, you're not running again.
Ikik: But...
^$^: Look! A fuzzy!
Ikik: Where?!? *poing*
^$^: Remember, if you like the ferret, vote...
Cujo: The election posts are MINE, ALL MINE!!!!
^$^: What the? Woah! *runs away*
Cujo: hehehehehe! Score on me again, I dare ya! Hey! Okay, that's it! *punches out the cameraman, through the camera*

Remember, if you like the ferret vote *thump* *FEEDBACK!!!* *static*

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