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(Advertisement) Coming TOMORROW - Political Thoughts and Updates with SM_007!

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-25 00:00:00

[We fade in from black as the commercial begins.]

(SM_007 is sitting behind the normal blue and silver Riptide desk, wearing a nice suit and tie. A typical news-ish theme is playing in the background.)

SM_007: Tomorrow, on Political Thoughts and Updates, we'll have a very special head-to-head interview with Roel and TerinUnit! Former friends? Now they are bitter enemies! What will happen when they are put in the same room together? It's going to be hellacious, folks!

(SM_007 spins around in his chair, falls down, gets back up, dusts off, and sits down again.)

SM_007: Plus, we'll hear from kwerkey, BandWidth's handpicked replacement for President, and we're all anxious to hear what he is gonna say about Azriel, the man being backed by the Dark Lord Tridus, and the man who is Tridus' personal, hand-picked replacement for BandWidth to be Riptide President! Emotions will be running high, and I am gonna be right in the middle of it all!

(SM_007 takes off his shoe, takes a bite out of it, and throws it offstage.)

SM_007: And finally, are you wondering just who is on my list of friends? Are you wondering who might have paid off SM_007? The first signs of loyalties and a dash of biased opinionated reporting will be seen...TOMORROW! Be sure to join us, folks, when--

(SM_007 is interrupted by a goalie charging on stage. He throws down his gloves and helmet, and charges at SM_007.)

SM_007: What the...? It's CURTIS JOSEPH!

(Cujo keeps running at SM_007 frantically.)

Cujo: Hahahaha! DIE SM_007, DIE!

(Cujo does a baseball slide and kicks SM_007 off of the stage.)

Cujo: HahahahahahahahaHAW! This show is MINE! ALL HAIL CUJO!

(Cujo flips the desk over, then charges and does a baseball slide at a stagehand off-screen as the commercial cuts out.)

[The commercial ends to static.]

Virtue mine honour

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