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Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-25 00:00:00

On 4/25/00 at 19:23 Senator kwerkey wrote:
>Back in September, my dad checked to see if DSL was available. It wasn't, so he filled out an order form to be notified when it was. It went largely ignored. Since then, it's been my job to call each month to check again.

>October: No
>November: No
>December: No
>January: Yes

>Wait? Yes? Whoo-hoo! So I called to get it set up. "No, DSL isn't available." So I called back and told them that their database was screwed up. "What are you talking about? Our database doesn't say that DSL is available." I figured that I just got ahold of a moron (which isn't all that uncommon in this world).

>February: Yes

>Ok, cool. They would've sorted out any problems by now. "Oh, I'm sorry, I was looking at the listing just below yours." JUST BELOW??? Shit.

>March: Yes

>You get the idea. Next!

>April: Yes

>Getting another yes, I called the DSL department again. And this time, THEY said it was yes. Ok, this is great, I've never gotten 2 yes' before. It must be true.

>"May I have your customer code?"
>"Oh, it's ***"
>"Um, no, that's not it."

>So I can't get it set up yet. I called my dad to see what our code was. Turns out I had it right. Later that night, I realized that I gave them our normal phone line, and the code I knew was for our modem phone line. Ok, no problem. He calls back at his work. When he gets home, he tells me that the bastards said no.
>Being the hopeful (and repetitive) person I am, I called back again today. THIS time, I gave him the right phone number. Ok, I'm just about to have it set up, when he asks for the last 4 digits of my dad's social security number. Shit. I called my dad at work. No answer. I went and asked my mom what time he'd be getting home. And guess what? I forgot that it just HAPPENED that he went to Phoenix today on a business trip. Goody. I go look at his itinerary.

>Flight ****
>Departure: 630P
>Arrival: 800P

>Great. Just great. The DSL office closes at 5:00 PM.
>And NOW do you understand why I say the DSL God hates me?

>kwerkey for President!
>Because BandWidth said so!
>Because I said so, too!
>Welcome to insanity


President and Beloved Leader

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