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(storytime again) A day without email is like a day without breathing...

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-25 00:00:00

note: this takes place after SM's last story, which I believe was yesterday


Tridus slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was quick to notice a few things...

He felt extremely stiff.

He felt extremely hungry.

These Klingon beds had to be removed and replaced with something comfortable.

Sighing, he made his way slowly in the virtual darkness (the ship needed more lights too) over to the replicator.

"Coffee, black. Lots of it."

The computer responded with something in Klingon.

"oh for the... Sashie, sweetie, order daddy a coffee."


Tridus looked around, and didn't see his laptop. He also didn't see his room, he saw the sickbay.

"Oh... ugh... well, I guess I can manage for now without coffee..." although as he started walking around the ship towards his room, he didn't really believe it.

Eveuntally he got to his room and looked around, no Sashie. So he made his way to engineering and there she was, sitting beside the Warp Core, which looked fixed.

"Hello sweetie, how did you fix the warp core?"

Sashie sounded cheerful this morning. "uncle rRaminrodt did it yesterday daddy!"

"yesterday? What day is this?"

"Tuesday daddy."

"Tuesday... and... ugh... what day did I go to sleep?"



"Yep! Your a sleepyhead!"

"I guess so... could you order me coffee? The replicator is being mean and talking in Klingon still."

Sashie said something in Klingon, and a few seconds later a hot mug of coffee appeared. Tridus quickly drank it.

"mmm... thank you. At least they know how to make a decent cup of coffee in the future. Any new emails?"

"Don't know daddy. Can't check."

"Why not?"

"No data lines."

Tridus shook his head in dismay and nearly ordered a second cup of coffee right there... no Internet!? Well, this was just too bad to be true.

"Alright... this thing has a war drive, subspace radio, and it doesn't have TCP/IP!??"

"nope. it does get the cartoon network though daddy, yay!"

"I noticed that, you've been watching looney tunes again haven't you? I saw those anvils back on... well, I guess it was sunday."

Sashie giggled.

"Alright sweetie... we need to get this thing online, and I think I know just how to do it."

Tridus then picked up his laptop and walked back to his extremely well lit room. Twenty one hours later, he walked to the transporter pad carrying Sashie and a small metallic black box.

One hour and twenty seven minutes after that, he beamed back up and walked to engineering.

Forty-two minutes later, he walked back to his room.

"Sashie, any new email?"

Sashie paused a moment, then responded... "Two hundred and thirty seven."

"*sigh* Alright... umm... well, I'll deal with that in a minute. Open a comm channel to the Bridge."

There was a few beeps and then finally "Bandwidth here, go ahead."

"Hiya Capitain... I have great news for you, we have Internet access on this ship!"

Nothing came over the speaker for a moment, and then... "Thats nice."

"What do you mean thats nice!? Its great! You could play quake around Saturn with no lag in this thing!"

"Thats nice."

Tridus sighed. These peoplejust didn't appreciate his work sometimes. "Well, anyway... don't use the subspace radio for a while ok?"

"Why not?"

"Well..." Tridus looked at the pieces of the radio scattered around his room. "Its not entirely functional right now."

"Oh, alright. BandWidth out." *click*

Tridus smiled. Not fully functional was an understatement... he had taken it apart to learn how to build the reciever that was now sitting in a computer in his cottage which connected the ship to his high speed Internet lines using Subspace Transmission. It sure beat Infared transmission, thats for sure!

Having Sashie read his e-mail to him, Tridus pushed the SubSpace radio he had taken apart to the back of his mind. No sense in worrying about the minor detail that he had no idea how to put it back together right now, not with new email to read anyway...

Changes by this story:
Well, Tridus slept for over a day, then put the ship on the internet, so the crew can now play broodwar from anywhere in the solar system. Of course they don't have a subspace radio anymore, but that'll get fixed one of these days. (probably after he does the translation thing so the damn computers speak english) :-)

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(storytime again) A day without email is like a day without breathing... - Tridus - 2000-04-25 00:00:00
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--yes, well you may have fixed the warp core, but I got the ship around 300mbps of bandwidth. - Tridus - 2000-04-25 00:00:00