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I'm a flaming moron.

Author: Un-King WizardSlayer ()
Date: 2000-03-04 00:00:00

On 3/3/00 at 18:29 SM_007 wrote:
>I noticed that Sid6.9 has dropped out of the race to become Project Sigma Forum President. I think that this is sad, since appearantly, quite a few people are taking this seriously. So, I'd like to clear the record as to what is really going on with the presedential election and what it means for the forumer who wins the election.

>Well, yes, this all started as a joke, and yes, it should be treated as such. That means that all of these political posts should continue in good nature, mostly as tongue-in-cheek ways to make fun of real politics. However, even though this whole thing was mainly started as a joke, the Riptide staff has decided to turn it into something real as well.

>To this end, there WILL be a REAL election to nominate the Forum President. Every once and a while (at scheduled intervals), there will be a new election to nominate a President, and we will even set up a system where the current President can re-run for office (though only for a limited amount of times, like two or four, for example; once these terms are up, he's out of office permenatly, or at least until everyone else has had a turn).

>Right now, all the poster who wins will get is a tag. Nothing more, nothing less. But that's not to say that some other special privilages won't be handed out. Actually, it's up to you people here as to what this person will get. Perhaps an MVP-like status where that person is privilaged to inside Riptide information? Or perhaps a situation where the President has more "power" within the group, and can even make some decisions? Honourary Riptide member? Who knows. I havn't really thought it all out, though feedback is appreciated.

>Basically, this whole thing is meant as a joke with an actual reward at the end, and is also a great excuse to have some neat stories (like the ones I write and the interesting characters that result from it, like Sid6.9 being a suspected mafia leader. This way it won't all be for naught when the actual election happens. So what I'd like is for everyone here to think about what position would be good to give out to the person who wins the election. They won't actually edit the scripts or anything, but there are other things we could do for it as well. The only "real" decision I have made on the election race thus far is that after this term, no member of the Riptide staff can run for the position. I don't think it makes much sense to have a Riptide member also serve as Forum President. :)

>Comments, feedback, and money is welcome. Any other ideas? For example, how long should a term last? Two weeks? A month? Two months? This is totally up to you folks, though there IS a tag reward and SOMETHING will be given out when this is all said and done. So Sid6.9, I'd suggest you start up your campaign again. After all, you DID have a good shot at winning the election...


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