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Ahh yes its election time... I'd like to remind you of the services available to the community.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-25 00:00:00

As usual, Electorial Officer will be offering his absentee ballot services. If you won't be around during the election and still want to vote, send him an email (which is in his profile) with your username/password and who you want to vote for. Be sure to send it from the email account listed in your profile. He will also be compiling candidate lists soon, so stay tuned for that!

As always, our very own Lord DebtAngel, proud bearer of the ultimate in powerful tags, Tag3 or the Goon Tag, is still offering his Hired Goons for that hands on approach that you just can't get by sending mailbombs. Of course this is his busy season, so don't expect any specials right now. You can reach them as always at 1-800-gogoons.

If you need to take control of the airwaves, SM_007 is the man to talk to, as our resident political analyist. Indeed, getting him on your side can be a major boon, but be warned, his services don't come cheap.

And of course... if nobody else can fulfill your needs this election, then you need to talk to the final authority here in the Riptide Elections, the ultimate power of the forum... me. I offer such things (for a nominal fee of course) as banning your opponents, faking messages by your opponents to make them look bad, propaganda services, customization of the script to suit your reign of terror, and other such services. Just look at what Azriel got with my services, custom space in the quote script! Dollar for Advertising Dollar, you can't beat that kind of promotional space (well, I am offering Infobox space for a very limited time).

I also offer a money back guarantee! If you don't win the election after buying my custom services, I offer double your money back!
Note: The above is not a guarantee

So Riptide... remember, this has already shown from the early campaign start two weeks ago that it will be one of the nastiest elections in history! Why be on the defensive when you can instead hire such quality assistance shown here and go on the offense!

The precedding post was a paid political message, as well as the post with the most links to profiles in it in the history of Riptide


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