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Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-24 00:00:00

On 4/23/00 at 23:12 Tridus wrote:
>(authors note: this takes place after rRaminrodts stories, and before Psycho Sam's, so there shouldn't be any time issues involved with this, its just a "fill in the blank of what happened during that gap" type of story)


>Sitting in a comfortable leather chair with wheels that he procued two days ago, Tridus carefully studied the diagnostic readouts being presented to him on Sashie's bright LCD display. Everything was checking out, the new encrypted tracing system was in place and on standby, the new scripts he had put in place were there, and Sashie was finally sleeping... it was a very trying time for the small family... Sashie being awake in pain physically, as well as emotionally by what had happened... Tridus by sleepless nights fixing the damage and answering some very painful questions by his daughter about what had happened, both recently and well back in the past... the questions about 'mommy' were the hardest to answer, and coupled with the sleepless nights Tridus was finding it hard to maintain anything resembling emotional control of himself.

>Clicking ok to close the diagnostics, he sat back up in the chair and began the final process of reassembling the casing around Sashie. That didn't take more then a few minutes... realizing how tired he was after that, Tridus decided to follow Sashie's lead and get some sleep, and he made his way over to what passed for a bed in his quarters on the Bird of Prey.
>Fifteen minutes later, he got back up, unable to sleep... many things were troubling him.

>rRaminrodts message... it was... well, after all that had happened, it wasn't really very odd. It was kind of hard to deal with though...

>Sashie's questions... Tridus had worked hard all those long years ago to block the more painful memories of the research lab attack from her memory, to help her come out of shock... but now she was asking questions and breaking those barriers down... would she be able to deal with it now? Was she getting older, more mature? Those concepts were thought to be impossible while a spirit was confined inside the computer... was the research wrong, or was she just learning to adapt and grow despite the limitations?

>His own questions... why wasn't he able to save her sooner... why wasn't he able to protect her... should he go through with his idea to put her back into a human body and let her have a normal life... did he dare do that and give up the last family member he had... did he dare not to just to keep his own selfish desires at bay...

>SM_007... just what the hell happened? whose side was he really on? One minute he's blowing up Riptide and kidnapping Sashie, the next he's saving Tridus from death at the hands of those bad guys... it just didn't make any sense. Where was he now? What would happen if he walked in the door this instant? Would Tridus ask him what happened, thank him for his help, or reach for his throat...

>he didn't have an answer for that question, much like most of the others plaguing him in recent nights.

>while lost in his thoughts, the comm system on the ship activated in his room, snapping him back to reality. Pressing the button to turn it on, Tridus was glad he had installed the two large flourescent lights in his quarters to make them bright, these Klingon ships were far too dark.

>"Yes?" Tridus asked of the comm system.

>BandWidth's voice greeted him. "Tridus... umm, we're having a problem with something I think.. this red light up here is blinking and making noise and we seem to be having engine problems... could you take a look at it?"

>"Uhh... well, alright."

>Tridus turned off the comm system and sighed. This ship was in a major state of disrepair, and he didn't have a Klingon ship repair guide handy... thankfully, some Star Trek fanatics had created a Klingon plugin for the Babelfish translator, which Tridus had adapted into an inline system on Sashie to make reading the displays at least possible. one of his longer term goals was to convert all the displays to english so that everybody else could read them as well... but Sashie was more important then language translations for the rest of the crew.

>Sighing, he got up and resigned that he needed his daughters help again. "Sashie, wake up sweetie... we need to go fix something."

>What sounded like a yawn came out of the small computer. "But daddy, I'm sleepy!"

>"I know sweetie... but you want the ship to go fast, right? we need to make sure it can do that."

>"Ok daddy!"

>Tridus smiled, picked her up, and walked out of his quarters to Engineering with her in his arms... if nothing else would take his mind off his problems, a technical problem to fix would certainly do it for a while... provided he could figure out just how the engines worked without short circuiting the entire system like he had the replicators... that mess had taken a full day and a half to fix unless you wanted cat food, which was coming out of the replicators in abundance for some reason.

>Tridus laughed to himself and shook his head. Well, at least he was back in his element learning new things and taking his mind off everything...


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