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Replies to the both of you.

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

There's a huge difference between the two situations with the two characters. Psycho Sam! (the person, not the character) made the mistake of not telling anyone that he wanted to write the next story, which is basically tradition. SoulTaker had no way of knowing that Psycho Sam! didn't want him to write a story, and his story did not have too much of an effect on the storyverse, anyway. In my case, my character leaving was a big issue, since the way he turned on the entire Riptide community can't be ignored so easily; especially by him. I made my guy drive away in the last story, and rRaminrodt forgot that when he made his story; so he made the mistake, not me...as opposed to Psycho Sam! making the mistake previously. That's how I see it as different.

So, no, my character isn't there. He can't just go and "hang out" with you guys again after he betrayed Tridus and the rest of the team in the manner in which he did. It's pretty important, right now, that he takes off for a little while to clear his head and forgive himself for his own errors, and also just to cleanse himself and realize where his priorities lie. I guess you might as well just forget that my character was even in this story, because rRaminrodt made a little boo boo. :P

Sorry, Psycho Sam!, but fair is fair. No need to be bitter. :P

Virtue mine honour

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