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hehehe... now I want to see you write the part where you deliver that message. :)

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

On 4/23/00 at 21:17 rRaminrodt {CB} wrote:

Fork in the Road (Storyverse Epilogue)

SM_007 punched a few buttons on the cargo bay door of their bird of prey and it slowly closed. He patted the side of his silver jaguar which he had just driven in and strolled to the bridge. BandWidth was sitting in the captain's chair spinning around.

"Whee. This thing is great."

Edge looked at BandWidth and smiled, "You're having way too much fun bandie."

"Whatever, you're just jealous that you're not president." He straightened his uniform imperiously.

The door opened and Tridus walked in. He wiped his brow, "I have to be the luckiest guy in the world."

SM looked up, "Why?"

I found most of the parts I needed to fix Sashie in the ship but there was one important piece I needed that was missing. But what do you know the electronics shop on Main street had one. That old guy is such a lifesaver."

"So she's going to be okay?"

"Yep. She's recharging now."

BandWidth and Edge slapped his back smiling. "That’s the best news we've heard in a while."

SoulTaker pulled the device he had in his ear out. "That’s not the end of it. Set course for Idaho SM."


"You'll see."

=-= =-= =-=

Above his head a Klingon bird of prey decloaked and landed. Out of the landing ramp walked Edge and RStefan01.

"Hey, rRamin!"

Edge just shook his head, "We had no idea where you went off to. Did you find the Searcher."

rRaminrodt made a crooked smile, "Yeah. I have quite the story." He paused and looked up at the ship, and his grin got even wider, "I call dibs on science officer."

The other chuckled.

rRamin waved them to follow him as he walked up the ramp, "Cmon. I have a message for Tri."

He walked in the ship and passed the newly minted Dedication plaque.

It read: USS Riptide

"We took the road less traveled by,

and that has made all the difference."

THE END ( ? :)

Notes: :)

Quantum Mechanics Society

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