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(ic post) Sitting at home...

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

(authors note: this takes place right after Sid's "Just
another Sunday at the Death Matches" post in the war room)

*Tridus walked into his large house and slammed the door behind
him with the silly stick which had been used earlier to club him
in the head. Kicking off his shoes, he simply walked in and
flopped down face first into the expensive looking leather couch
in his living room. Almost immediately after his head hit the
couch, his wife walks in carrying a glass of water and two pills*

Narri - What happened?

Tridus - what makes you think something happened?

Narri - You slammed the door. You have your head buried in the
couch, and you didn't say hello. Well, that and one of the
technicians called twenty minutes ago and said something had

Tridus - That kid's ego is going to get him killed!

Narri - gee... where do you think he got that from? *smile*

*Tridus looks up at his wife with a bland expression* Sarcasm
aside... *takes the pills and drink and swallows them* Thanks for
the asprin... now, what am I supposed to do?

Narri - well, aren't you in charge? just cancel the match.

Tridus - ...

Narri - what?

Tridus - its not that simple... the idiot went and signed that
contract, I don't see any way out of it now... not when I have to
deal with rRaminrodt and DebtAngel... what the hell is Article 36
anyway? Sid didn't mention that.

Narri - did Sid leave a phon enumber?

Tridus - for once, I wish he had... no, I have no idea where he

Narri - well... can't you keep MysteryMan tied up so he can't get
to the arena or something? I mean car troubles, anything?

Tridus - not really...

Narri - talk to him?

Tridus - his ego is too inflated, he actually thinks he can take
both of them on... the moron... he has no plans for what will
happen if Peak and Styx come in to interfere... not to mention
that SM and Flutie can tear him apart on their own... I mean he's
good, but he lacks patience and foresight... and some level of


This is my fault. I let him get into the deathmatches at all
before he was ready... and then he had an easy match against
Hank... so he thinks he's invincible. Its going to take them
beating him to learn... I just hope I can think of some way to
keep them from destroying him.

Narri - You don't think he has a chance?

Tridus - ... you've seen those two fight... they're out to get
him to prove a point to me because of all the stuff I've done to
them this season... he hasn't got a chance.

Narri - well, then you have to do something.

Tridus - I know... but I don't know what... *rubs his head* well,
I've got time. Maybe I'll actually have to make peace with
DebtAngel or get through to Styx or something to get their
help... or maybe I'll just have to interrupt the match myself. I
don't know.

Narri - *sigh* well... I like him, he's so sweet. I hope he
doesn't get hurt.

Tridus - so do I... so do I... maybe they can knock him down a
peg or two without seriously crippling him. I'll have a talk with
the nWd I guess...

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

(ic post) Sitting at home... - Tridus - 2000-04-23 00:00:00