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All of this discussion is speculative. If you have no specific knowledge of how some mythical software is intended to interact with some other mythical software, then all the speculative guesswork in the world is just...mythical
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Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

>By the logic of X=1, then:

Y=104.581047? How'd you get that?

Given X=1, Y must be equal to log(B/A)+log(C/A)+1.5. That makes Y = -1.

>and the total answer is 98.

Given given that Y = -1, Z is proven to be of less value than A/(B+C), and therefore a final solution is unreachable. The problem has no solution.

>As for your dog 'Buck', he's on top of your head.

That was a cheap answer. 'Buck' is proven to be on 'head' since 'Buck's X position is the same as 'head's, and the Y position is 'head's Y position + H. But the position of 'head' is still unknown, so your answer is of no use.


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