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(Storyverse Story)Psycho Sam's vacation

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-04-23 00:00:00

*It was a normal day, like every other. Birds were singing, dogs were running through the streets, nurses were being killed by super-intelligent Artificial Inteligences. On this particular day, Psycho Sam! had just jumped out of the hospital window and was running towards his laboratory*

Sam- Dagnabbit, I'm always getting blamed for everything. Why can't BandWidth just leave me alone? I don't need to take this.

*Sam made it to his lab and ran inside, almost tripping over a pile of junk. Inside the lab was Crazy Lou, Psycho Sam's laboratory's tech support head.*

Lou- Hey Sam, what's up?

Sam- Nothing important. Say, you find those things I wanted?

Lou- What? You mean the remains of Psycho Bot, and Fabuloso McWilly? Yeah, I got those. What do you want me to do with them?

Sam- Nothing, I think I'll try fixing them. I'll start off with Psycho Bot.

*Sam gathered up the peices of the pathetic little robot and got to work on putting them back together. 2 hours later, a little box-like robot rolled up to Crazy Lou. Written on the robot very crudely was "PsychoBot2". It made a few beeping noises*

Lou- Wow, I didn't think Sam was that good at robotics... That's amazing.

Sam- Now, I think I'll get to work on Fabuloso. Where is he?

Lou- Actually, he's not that badly hurt, he's just dead. You don't need to repair him.

Sam- Aww, can't I? I want to rebuild Fabuloso! Let me fix him!

Lou- Hey Sam, I think you may be a bit too stressed out. I suggest a vacation.

Sam- You know, I sure wouldn't mind a vacation. I think I'll do it. Now, where should I go? Pal, give me a list of places I can go for a vacation.

*Sam motioned to the computer, Pal, which started calculating information. Five minutes later, it had an answer*

Pal- You can go to hell. You're a jerk Sam. Just go to hell you big je...

*Sam pressed a few buttons on Pal's keyboard*

Pal- On another note, I hear Scotland's nice this time of year. And while you're there, you could restock your supply of plaid shirts.

Sam- Good job. That's what I'll do. Lou, while I'm away,try and work on fixing up Fabuloso. And try to tidy this place up, will you? It's kinda messy.

Lou- I'll do that Sam, how long do you think you'll be gone?

Sam- Who knows... Maybe a month I guess...

*Sam went to his room, packed a few bags, andwalked out of the lab. Once outside, he stood at the bus stop for a couple of hours before one finally arrived to take him to the airport*

Sam- Man, I hate public transportation. Next time I'll take my own car.

*As the bus drove out of sight, there was a loud cheer from the people at Riptide, though they new they still had some problems to face, at least Sam was gone for a while*


Changes: Sam went on vacation, Psycho Bot was rebuilt, and Lou is going to try and clean up the lab.

Note: OK, this is just to tie SoulTakers story into mine. I still don't know whether I should post my story now, or wait until rRaminrodt's story is posted. Mine is finished, but I still want to see if I should wait for rRam to post his. The real problem is that if anyone posts in between this one, and mine it might screw mine up, which is why I don't know whether I should wait for rRam's to finish up.

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(Storyverse Story)Psycho Sam's vacation - Psycho Sam! - 2000-04-23 00:00:00
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