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now,THAT is a good man right there!!!

Author: Adun975 ()
Date: 2000-03-04 00:00:00

On 3/3/00 at 21:27 MysteryMan wrote:

Begin speech

>"My fellow friends, I will, sad to say, be gone during the course of the voting. I will make one last speech now."

>"Dear forumers, I hope that you do indeed vote for me as Riptide President. I promise, I will take the job seriously and do all work or tasks assigned to me."

>"There's not much more I can say...really, except I will take care of Dark Lord Tridus. Not in a harmful way, but in a nice little way that will perhaps heal him back to Tridus..."

>"Please...vote for me, MysteryMan."

> End Speech

>Begin Story

>Note: This is a future that will hopefully come true

>MysteryMan walked over to Riptide HeadQuarters. The badge, "President," pinned over his heart, was well polished, and MysteryMan wore it proudly.

>MysteryMan casually walked over to kwerkey. kwerkey made a surprised noise, and bowed. He opened his mouth into a poem.

>"MysteryMan, I am proud to have voted you,
You have made my dreams come true,
I knew voting you was the right choice,
With you, my opinions I can safely voice,
MysteryMan, I knew you were the best,
Winning the election was your final test,
With you at work, I can finaly rest."

>MysteryMan patted kwerkey on the back. "Good boy"

>MysteryMan walked over to Sid, who was busy writing something on a piece of paper. Sid glanced up, sighed, and then said...

>"It was a fair race,
But I guess you had the better pace,
I guess you were truely the best,
And as proof, you know have the badge on your chest,
But, your victory will have a catch,
For now you will never be in a Death Match!"

>MysteryMan turned red, but kwerkey and BandWidth ran over and grabbed Sid. They dragged him away, chanting,

>"How dare you challenge him,
We will now put you into a evil sim..."

>...they chanted that over and over.

>MysteryMan walked over to the cells, and look sadly in a cell labeled, "The Dark Lord Tridus". A figure saw him and screamed,

>"Damn you, damn you now,
You gave my sanity a mighty big pow,
Let us duel with your sword,
And you shall fight the evil Dark Lord."

>MysteryMan shook his head sadly. "Someday, you shall be normal again...I promise..."

>End of Story

>Note: This probably won't happen, and if elected, I will not act like this!


>Everyone, this whole thing has been very fun.

>The goons, Sid bashing everyone, Tridus...this was all very, very fun. It'll still be fun no matter who wins.

>I say, "good luck", to all the other canidates. Good luck, guys. I hope everyone had fun competing. I know I did.


"isn't life wierd???"

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