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Storyverse information.

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

OK, right now rRaminrodt still has 1/2 a story to post, and then the storyverse is over. I've noticed Soultaker writing stuff in, but it was clarified a while ago that there would only be SM and rRam more people finishing it up, and it's almost over.

As for when the new storyline starts? Could people please wait for my story? It's already written and it HAS to go first or it won't make sense. SM_007 read it and agreed it fits with his ending, and rRam has agreed to end in a way that sort of leads into mine. As soon as they're over I'll post mine so fast you won't know what happened, and then everyone can add to it all they want.

As for why they're being finished up like this? I think it's because the storyverse got to long and complicated and people wanted to start from scratch.

So, could people please wait until rRaminrodt's story is finished and I have posted my story? I bet we could probably fit Soultakers stuff in anyway... But...

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