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The origin exposed (Storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

Note: Read this story first.

The Klingon spaceship hovered above the Riptide area. Still cloaked, the ship slowly moved downwards, and landed. As the ship decloaked, a small ramp descended to the ground, and the five Riptide members walked out of the huge craft.

BandWidth looked back at the craft.

"Well, that was pretty cool. I like those Federation guys."

Edge smiled.

"Yeah... This is even better than our old HQ."
"I like it. Let's move our stuff from the emergency shelter immediately."

Psycho_Sam smiled in his usual psychotic way.

"Heheh, I loved when the photon torpedoes blew up those planes..."

The other four people looked at Psycho_Sam, and immediately decided that Psycho_Sam should not have access to the ship controls.

They walked down the road to the hospital. Everything looked as usual... Green trees and plains... Blue sky... The sun was shining. The rubble that used to be the Riptide HQ had been cleared up, and grass had been planted instead. As they arrived at the hospital, they were greeted by Dr. Harrelson, the hospital president. Tridus stepped forward.

"I see you're all back," Dr. Harrelson said.
"Indeed. Anything new?"
"Yes. Another nurse has been killed in your room, Tridus. Follow me, I'll show you the room. The forensic detectives are still there."

The doctor led the Riptide members to room 74. They crossed the police lines, and was greeted with cold looks by the forensic detectives. In the room, everything was still left as when the murder had happened. Dr. Harrelson turned to face Tridus.

"We would like you to tell us if something is missing from your room."

Tridus looked around the room. He began opening and closing drawers and closets. Everything was in perfect order. The other Riptide members stepped into the room. Tridus turned around.

"Nothing seems to be missing. RStefan01, do you sense anything?"

The cyborg began scanning the room. A green ray moved around the room, originating from his eye, emitting a low humming. Meanwhile, Psycho_Sam began grinning.

"What's so funny, Sam?", BandWidth asked.
"You're all so clueless about who it was... Hehehe."
"So? I doubt that you know who it was."
"Wrong! You're the worst president ever!"

Psycho_Sam begin laughing maniacally. His stick limbs were shaking, and soon he was rolling on the floor, laughing. Dr. Harrelson looked at him.

"Uhh... I think I'll just leave you for now."

The doctor left the room. Psycho_Sam was still laughing. BandWidth was getting irritated, along with the rest of the group.

"Damnit, Sam, stop it!"
"I know who did it! And you don't! Ha-ha!"
"Who was it, then?"
"I won't tell! Ha-ha!"

RStefan01 punched Psycho_Sam hard in the face.

"Ow! Don't hurt me! Remember, I'm the only one knowing who was responsible for the murder... So you need me to clear things up. But I won't help you unless my requirements are met."

RStefan01 grabbed Psycho_Sam's stick body and held him against the wall. His eyes were red. He was in the no-nonsense mood.


Psycho_Sam stopped laughing.

"Ehh... I don't know. I'm just a stick figure!"

He began laughing again. RStefan01 punched him even harder in the face, and threw him down to the floor.

"I repeat my question. WHO WAS IT?"
"Oh, nobody special. Just a fellow from the void who's bent on world domination."

Psycho_Sam stood up, and began laughing again.

"It's a funny guy named B3, and it's one of my earlier experiments. I tried to create a sentinent robot, much like Psycho_Bot, but this one turned out a bit too weird. It was constantly talking about its world domination schemes. I got tired of it, so I threw it away... I let it live its own life in the void. The funny part is that it got those really powerful psionic powers, and its mind was warped enough to get the most insane ideas."

Psycho_Sam looked at the shocked Riptide members, and stopped laughing for a second. He looked out of the window, and began giggling a bit.

"It's a shame, actually. I liked many of its world domination plans, but it said that it wanted to be the supreme ruler of the universe, and not share anything with anybody. It also talked about morphing humanity into blue frogs with wheels. It was sort of funny. I guess it found a way to open a vortex to the void and get into this world. Sentinent AI is funny, heh."

BandWidth looked coldly at Psycho_Sam.

"So, what you're saying, is that this... B3 was here and killed a nurse?"
"God, you must be the world's stupidest president! I can't believe that those people voted for you! If only you had voted for me... "
"Let's overlook your presidential campaign for now, shall we?"
"Of course it wasn't B3 who was here. It was merely using his psionic powers... It was another of its funny ideas. B3 liked to make fun of people by controlling black cloaks with his psionic powers, making them look like ghosts, and then killing innocent victims in the most gruesome ways. It killed a lot of people in the void with that technique. Oh, those were the days... "
"So you're saying that a living cloak sweeped in and killed the nurse?"
"You finally understood! Congratulations!"
"Ahh, just shut up, will you?"

Edge frowned. This had gone too far. Psycho_Sam had brought the community into danger, and didn't care. Rather, Psycho_Sam found it all amusing.

"So now one of your sick ideas are going to turn us all into... Blue frogs?", Edge asked, enraged.
"It wasn't my sick idea, it was B3s!"
"You created the thing, now you have to take responsibility for it. You'll have to make sure that your creation does no harm."
"Why? It's not my responsibility!"

"You will make sure that this... B3 does no harm," BandWidth yelled, "or you will be banned from this community!"

Psycho_Sam looked at BandWidth. The president... Just because he was the president, did he think that he could command the clever Psycho_Sam?

"Fool!", Psycho_Sam yelled, as he jumped out of the window. BandWidth rushed to the window, hoping to catch him, but to no avail. BandWidth looked down. Psycho_Sam had perfectly survived the jump from the third floor, and was running out of BandWidths sight.

Changes by this story:
The origin of the murder was explained by Psycho_Sam, whose position is now unknown. Psycho_Sam also revealed information about one of his earlier creations, B3, who is bent in dominating the world and turning humanity into blue frogs with wheels.


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