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A speech and a story and some seriousness.

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-03 00:00:00

Begin speech

"My fellow friends, I will, sad to say, be gone during the course of the voting. I will make one last speech now."

"Dear forumers, I hope that you do indeed vote for me as Riptide President. I promise, I will take the job seriously and do all work or tasks assigned to me."

"There's not much more I can say...really, except I will take care of Dark Lord Tridus. Not in a harmful way, but in a nice little way that will perhaps heal him back to Tridus..."

"Please...vote for me, MysteryMan."

End Speech

Begin Story

Note: This is a future that will hopefully come true

MysteryMan walked over to Riptide HeadQuarters. The badge, "President," pinned over his heart, was well polished, and MysteryMan wore it proudly.

MysteryMan casually walked over to kwerkey. kwerkey made a surprised noise, and bowed. He opened his mouth into a poem.

"MysteryMan, I am proud to have voted you,
You have made my dreams come true,
I knew voting you was the right choice,
With you, my opinions I can safely voice,
MysteryMan, I knew you were the best,
Winning the election was your final test,
With you at work, I can finaly rest."

MysteryMan patted kwerkey on the back. "Good boy"

MysteryMan walked over to Sid, who was busy writing something on a piece of paper. Sid glanced up, sighed, and then said...

"It was a fair race,
But I guess you had the better pace,
I guess you were truely the best,
And as proof, you know have the badge on your chest,
But, your victory will have a catch,
For now you will never be in a Death Match!"

MysteryMan turned red, but kwerkey and BandWidth ran over and grabbed Sid. They dragged him away, chanting,

"How dare you challenge him,
We will now put you into a evil sim..."

...they chanted that over and over.

MysteryMan walked over to the cells, and look sadly in a cell labeled, "The Dark Lord Tridus". A figure saw him and screamed,

"Damn you, damn you now,
You gave my sanity a mighty big pow,
Let us duel with your sword,
And you shall fight the evil Dark Lord."

MysteryMan shook his head sadly. "Someday, you shall be normal again...I promise..."

End of Story

Note: This probably won't happen, and if elected, I will not act like this!


Everyone, this whole thing has been very fun.

The goons, Sid bashing everyone, Tridus...this was all very, very fun. It'll still be fun no matter who wins.

I say, "good luck", to all the other canidates. Good luck, guys. I hope everyone had fun competing. I know I did.

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