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A Fall into Finity (Part 1)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

A Fall into Finity

(Part 1)

Between the twin storms of creation and destruction exist the myriad possibilities that make up all reality. Each discrete thread is a potential difference, not of energy or matter, but of probability. In one of these chances the thing called the Arc was created. Slowly but surely this Arc spread across space and into other threads, growing stronger and absorbing reality faster. In order to combat this disorder a group called the Spire attempted to master time in a new way. While they struggled valiantly the Arc overcame them. But out of this fire was tempered a new force, a living weapon with only one purpose… to unmake the Arc. This force called itself the Searcher.


He felt cold, and hungry. He hadn’t felt like this in a long time, as before the Life was unleashed, his body was in perfect harmony with his mind. Now, his previous equilibrium was thrown out of whack and he struggled against these feeling like other beings who had not received his training. Opening his eyes, he could see in the dim light of dawn trees zipping past him as his transportation rolled down the highway.

The Searcher had taken advantage of the nearing senile driver of the pickup truck by telling him that his automobile had broken down and he wished to see his wife. Uncharacteristically, the Searcher smiled, realizing how nearly cliché that particular chain of events had turned out. But it hardly mattered how he got there, this ride would get him close enough to the pinprick of darkness the Arc held in this universe, and where he could unleash that which he held within him.

^ ^ ^

rRaminrodt slapped the button on his truck’s door, unlocking both sides. Psycho_!Mas opened it and got in. He waited for his passenger to pull his door closed and started the engine. He turned the wheel and began down the road from the warehouse that the Seeker had built his personal search engine in.

"This isn’t the road back to Riptide, you know," Mas began.

"Did you even read what that website had to say?"

"Of course," Mas paused. "Oh, is that why you’re upset? ‘Cause it had your name on it?"

"It didn’t just have my name on it. It said I created the Arc! No wonder why the Searcher attacked me…"

"Um. That doesn’t mean anything. Since you haven’t done that, why should you be upset?"

rRaminrodt sighed, "Because I haven’t done it yet. It could be a predestination paradox, or simply a threadlike branch. I have no idea, but I know it definitely involves me."

"I have absolutely no idea what you just said. Why don’t we go to back to Riptide."

"Quiet for a second," rRaminrodt guided the truck up the on ramp to the highway and then into one of the travelling lanes. This early there was little traffic mostly semi’s hauling their cargo or other pickup trucks like his, with the smattering of other makes thrown in for good measure.

"Crud. So were going to freaking Idaho!?"

"Yes. We have to know what the Searcher is doing. We can call Riptide when I stop to get gas."

"Oh, god. This is crazy. Here we are chasing after a Evil Tridus, and I don’t even know you!"

"Calm down already," rRaminrodt scowled. "As I’ve said many times I’m a member of the Quantum Mechanics Society."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Keeping his eyes on the lookout for a rest stop rRaminrodt began to talk about his on history.

^ ^ ^

Daryl Morocco had fallen asleep at the keyboard again. The voices that whispered to him had working on breaking into the world bank again and he was exhausted. When he woke up he was hungry and so he wolfed down the final stale slice of pizza left on his tabletop. Daryl’s favorite movie was the matrix, because he could fancy himself like Neo the hero of the movie. A hacker turned superman, just like Daryl would be some day. Otherwise known as l33tg|_|Y, Daryl knew if he could only make the fools of this world and the internet realize the truth they would be set free.

This world was a lie; reality was not this world. He knew, because the voices told him, that the true reality was the Arc. The Arc, the Arc a perfect truth and beautiful thing he could hear the pounding of music from the upstairs apartment. The voices kept reminding him that he would soon have to kill that person, even though he had no idea who lived up there. Daryl smiled, the Arc would soon engulf this world and then, the voices told him, he would be able to fly around.

^ ^ ^

"Okay, that’s weird," Mas said while watching rRaminrodt pump gasoline into his truck.

"Not really, the Creators had their own agenda sure, but they still were our parents in a way."

"I wasn’t really talking about that. I meant the not being born thing."

"Eh. Lots of things in the universe are created spontaneously. We just happened to be intelligent."

"Okay, were at where the Creators just left."

"Oh. Well, my brother Fearmarogh traveled to the edge of the galaxy in order to guide a species he thought had potential. I stayed in the core and studied for a while. That’s when they detected a species called the Nirrathi, these people had a lot of potential too so the Unity was scared of them. Fearmarogh returned in failure and the lot of us went to speak with the Nirrathi. Well, a lot happened and I won’t bore you with it. But the Unity got mad at us and banished us and they destroyed the Nirathi home world, but let them keep their colonies. The Nirrathi got angry with me and chained me inside a crystal. But I managed to get out. So then they put me inside the sphere, which was sort of a biomechanical security device." rRaminrodt smiled.

"Too bad for them I figured out a way to take control of it. I was still locked inside so I made it part of myself. Well, this is when things get a little shady. I told you that I get kinda out of hand when I have a mission. Well, this was the case I’m mainly talking about. To make a long story short, I became the bad guy and got myself killed for the first time. The sphere lay dormant and so I had very little power but to influence others slightly. I finally fully reincarnated into a human, the race Fearmarogh had successfully created. And continued being nasty," rRamin put the nozzle back into its slot and pulled out his wallet to pay the attendant in the booth.

"Got killed again and reincarnated back into a living machine type thing. Which was cool while it lasted but that was probably my shortest incarnation. Got killed but this time I reincarnated into a fellow named Amarsh. Who was already like Fearmarogh’s chosen or whatever. So for finally after couple hundred thousand years I got to speak with my brother. They were kind enough to let me live as long as I took a backseat to Amarsh and provided him with the power of rRim’Northis." rRaminrodt turned to see Mas’s eyes glazed over.

Mas blinked, "This is really fascinated, but I don’t quite understand what your saying."

"Sorry, to make a long story short he eventually died. And I was put in a museum. I reincarnated millions of years later into a computer technician named Emard." He smiled and plucked at his shirt, "Emard and his friend Gorith Hidard had just started the QMS.

Mas sarcastically finished the story, "And the QMS grew into an actual society, and you came here for retirement."

"Actually that’s pretty close to true. I died in between then but Emard lived. Later I died again saving them and reincarnated into Emard again. That’s when some over zealous beings who consider themselves some kind of guardians of order stripped me of most of my power for reincarnating into the same person twice. So I’m always on the lookout for getting my power back… well, its not gone, but I can’t use it. When I do, those Aharire are in deep trouble."

Mas rubbed his chin, or at least the bottom of his circular face, "That’s bizzare. Not to mention really confusing."

"Yeah I know, and I’m the one who lived it." rRaminrodt smiled as he got back into the vehicle, "That’s why the searcher thing is important. I know I have the skills to do stuff like that, but there’s no way in heck I’d ever destroy reality. I HAVE to get the Searcher to tell me what’s going on."

^ ^ ^

For the first time in hundreds of years the Searcher felt lonely. He rationalized this feeling by noting the struggle it was to keep the Essence of the Hybrid under control and the chink made in his mental armor by seeing the Riptider’s all alive again. He had walked for the past few hours after leaving the old farmer at a truck stop.

The sun was now high in the sky and perspiration beaded on his forehead. The last time he had been this uncomfortable was when he had to face down the Dark Templar Zeratul. He smiled for the second time that day.

The Searcher shuddered and froze his thoughts. He began repeating the mantras of control over and over again. He was now fully aware of a new problem… his mind was slowly slipping away.

^ ^ ^

"There," Mas pointed at the sign over the highway. He laughed, "We’re almost there!"

"Heh. Now you’re happy."

Mas turned and shook his head, "I hate following other people, but now that I know you a little better..."

"Thanks," rRaminrodt nodded.

"I hate living in other peoples shadows that’s all. I want to control my own destiny." He sighed, "But my destiny seems to be the evil twin."

"You don’t seem very evil." "I’m Psycho Sam!’s evil twin. That means I’m just a normal guy. Well, normal stick figure. I always seem to be in his shadow no matter what I do. I organize the election and everything and what does Sam do, he kidnaps the president!"

"Sometimes I can’t stand him. That’s why I need to control my own destiny!" Mas waved a finger in the air.

"Well, since I can mathematically prove there isn’t anything such as destiny, you’re all set. There is complex probability and that’s where stuff like proph…. oh crap!"

rRaminrodt spun the wheel around hard to avoid crashing into the thing that now stood in the middle of the highway. A large black thing, the size of their truck, stood between two lanes. It raised up two of its pointed limbs, leaving five still touching the ground. Then, it screeched.

Cackling with a sound somewhere between a cricket chirp and a hawklike call it charged at the truck and slammed its front leg through the hood. Needless to say what remained of the engine burst into flame. rRaminrodt and Sam jumped out of the cab just before the creature smashed the windshield and swiped its sharp appendage about inside. One of the drivers of the cars whose path was blocked by rRamin’s destroyed truck got out with a shotgun in hand. He began waving it about threateningly until he saw the creature and dropped the weapon and ran back the other way.

The beast seemed bent on attacking rRaminrodt and Mas who were running in between cars in the jam that continued to grow. Mas dived between two cars and spied the shotgun.

"rRamin! Distract it so I can get the gun!" Mas yelled.

rRaminrodt began to unravel his arms into their constituent cables. He reshaped them into oversized arms and fists. He waved at the creature to get it’s attention. It worked. The creature charged at him but he smashed three legs causing it to trip. Meanwhile Mas had reached the shotgun. He skulked between the cars, keeping low so that the creature wouldn’t see him and approached the fight.

"Hurry up! I can’t keep this up," rRaminrodt shouted over to Mas.

The creature had made several large gashes in rRaminrodts cables with its razor-armored legs so Mas knew that wasn’t the point to attack. Gathering up courage for a risky move Mas crouched to the ground. When the beast raised its front leg up for another attack Mas rolled underneath the creature, pumped the shotgun and fired into its exposed underside. The creature wailed. Mas fired again in another spot, and rRamin slammed it in its face with a motorcycle. The creature flipped over nearly cutting Mas with its legs and began to convulse on the ground as blackish gore rose from the large welts made by the shotgun.

Mas got up slowly using the gun as a prop and walked over to rRaminrodt who had reassembled himself and was breathing hard from exhaustion.

"Do you think the Searcher caused that?" Mas asked quietly.

"No. I think that," rRaminrodt paused to breathe, "was the first sign of the Arc."

Note: This is just the first part. :) I was trendy and used colors too. Quantum Mechanics Society

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