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A New Fiend (Storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-22 00:00:00

The Riptide hospital was illuminated by the full moons light. It was late night, 3AM, and only a few nurses was present, checking up on the few patients. The emergency shelter, which had been the temporary home of the Riptide members after Albatross blew up their HQ, was empty too. There were no one left. Edge, BandWidth and Psycho_Sam had left to get Tridus back. rRaminrodt and Psycho_Mas had left to stop the enigmatic Searcher.

The nurse walked down the silent hallway. Room 74. She stopped, and opened the door. Tridus' room had to be cleaned up. When Tridus had disappeared, BandWidth had tossed around everything in his search for clues. The room was one huge mess. The nurse sighed, and entered the room. She turned on the light. Puzzle pieces lay shattered on the floor, and Tridus' various personal things was thrown around randomly as well. The nurse began cleaning.

The full moon shone into the room as she quietly moved things back onto the tables. She didn't feel well this night. Even if she was alone, she felt the presence of someone. She tried to ignore it, but the weird feeling stayed. She couldn't help looking behind her. She turned her head, looking at the door. Nobody. Of course... Who would be here at this time of the night?

She shrugged and turned back. Suddenly, she felt hands around her neck... But there was nothing. Was she going crazy? The invisible hands stroked her neck quietly. She didn't move, but her heart beated faster. Fear began overwhelming her, but she didn't move. She didn't understand what was happening... Then, she felt a sharp pain. Nails digged into her, penetrating her skin. She screamed in pain as the invisible force ripped her flesh open. Her body fell to the floor. As she looked up, she saw a cloak. A black cloak, with a large white icon. Her vision began to blur... This could not be real. The cloak moved, but there was no body inside. It moved to the table, apparently looking at Tridus' belongings. The nurses vision blurred even more, only to fade out... Then all she saw was darkness. She was dead.

Next day. As the sun was rising, Dr. Harrelson drove to work. He parked the car at, well, the parking lot, and walked into the hospital. He entered the lobby. A unusually well designed room, the white walls and the green plants made it a relaxing place. But the nurse at the counter seemed everything but relaxed. As she saw the doctor, she began shaking and panicking.

"Dr. Harrelson! A nurse has been killed!", she screamed.

Dr. Harrelson looked at her in disbelief. 2 nurses in one week? That's a new record...

"Where, when and how did it happen?"
"I don't know. The... it... She was just lying dead on the floor, with large scars on her neck."
"Room 74. She was sent to clean up Tridus' room."
"Are the emergency staff there?"
"Yes... I called them immediately."
"I'll take a look."

The doctor walked into the elevator, and the door closed. He walked out on the third floor, and took a right at hallway C5. Large yellow police lines had already been set up, and the forensic detectives was in the process of investigating. Dr. Harrelson crossed the large yellow line, pretending not to see that it said "DO NOT CROSS" with large black letters.

A man turned around, and looked at the doctor.

"You can't go here, sir. We're still searching for potential evidence."
"May I introduce myself. Dr. Smith Harrelson, president of Riptide hospital."
"Any clues to what happened?"
"Her body was simply ripped open. We have no idea how. This is the most puzzling case we've ever seen. There are no fingerprints, no hair... Nothing. No evidence is left behind."
"Was anything removed from the room?"
"That is unclear at this time. As you probably know, Tridus disappeared two days ago with an unidentified man, presumably kidnapped. Another nurse was killed that day. Shortly thereafter, all the other Riptide members left, in search if Tridus and some other weirdo. We can't say if something was removed before we talk to Tridus personally. He's the only one who knew what was here."

The Doctor looked inside of the room.

"How does everything look in there?"
"Clean. It's completely clean. Everything was put nicely on the tables... Perfect. We have been informed that the nurse was here to clean up the room, so we can only suppose that the murder happened when she was done with the cleaning."
"I'll talk to you later."
"Okay, Doctor. We'll keep you informed."

Changes by this story:

Nothing important. Isn't that convenient? =)

Another nurse has died in Tridus' room, bringing the total up to 2. Is this some sort of conspiracy? Blame communism... =)


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