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In the end, I wonder if one of the most important steps on our journey is the one in which we throw

away the map. In jettisoning the grinds and brambles of our own preconceptions, perhaps we are better able to find

the real secrets of each place; to remember that we are all extensions of our collective history.
- Loreena McKennitt
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Re:Comment and a question.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

On 4/21/00 at 22:24 SM_007 wrote:
>Yeah, looking back at the story, it's pretty obvious that Tridus was prepared for what happened (though I am assuming that the tracking device he had installed in the back of his teeth was there before all of the events which happened, and he just kept it there in case of emergencey). The tracking device he installed also broadcasted a signal (not unlike a cell phone) so Sashie could beam him the hell out of where he was.

>And on another note, how'd you like the notion that the big-ass bad guys were no sweat to the Federation, who came back in time to take the agents back? :)

That was cool. It also explains how we managed to get a bird of prey, which just rocks. "No Sashie don't push that button! Aaw hell, there goes the Golden Gate Bridge..."

>And just out of curiosity: What kinda inconsistensies did you notice? I am only asking because I wrote that story in a hurry, so I honestly didn't notice too many as I was writing it, though I was sure that they'd be there. So I am kinda curious to see what people find when they nitpick at my story. Trust me, I actually want you to point out some stuff. :)

The teleport thing. I guess I didn't make it clear enough (or you forgot hehe) just how Tridus' teleportation actually works.

If you remember, its always dependant on having an internet connection established to the laptop, as well as having a valid place on the other end to open a connection to. The way it works is by digitally encoding and transmitting whatever is being sent, usually Tridus and Sashie (and in the one story, SM as well). On a slow connection, its a very slow process (remember the cell phone thing?). So, when Tridus just upped and disappeared, according to the limitations I placed on Sashie when designing the character, that really was an external influence, because she simply couldn't have done that on her own, even with limitless supplies of power. (she can never transmit anything *to* her, only from her. going to her would require another similarly equipped transmitter to encode and send the data)

That was the only real glaring thing I saw, and I noticed it because its my character. Although anyone who was paying very close attention to the last time I really used the teleport stuff (which was in The Legacy of Science a way back when) would notice it as well.

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