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(Storyverse Conclusion Storee) Redemption

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

Sorry for any typos. I wrote this in WordPad.
It's also slightly rushed...at least, the end is.

A Little Bit o' History

The End is the Beginning is the End

"You, like your father, are now...mine." -Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

          For the first time in many, many years, Tridus felt a sense of pure and utter hopelessness fill him. He was walking down the hallway, now, in this large complex, and for every agent he passed by...and for every agent that glared at him, he felt his heart sink a little lower into his stomach. He felt that his plan to save his daughter was risky before, but now, well, the sheer odds of the situation was something he overlooked in that short moment when he made the split decision to go along with the wishes of this organization.
          Tridus felt the agent breathing down his neck as they came to a stop outside one of the dozens of plain, steel doors in the hallway. When the agent came close to the door, it slid open. Tridus was nudged inside the room, which he quickly noticed resembled the room that an inmate at an asylum might call his home. It was completely empty, save for a silver, metallic chair in the middle of the room. The walls were padded. There was light, but no light source, it seemed.
          The agent grabbed Tridus, who had now had his hospital gown removed and replaced with some old, black dress pants and a partially-buttoned white dress shirt, by his shoulders and unceremoniously forced him down onto the chair. Steel clamps immediately closed over Tridus' wrists and ankles. Tridus was dripping with desperation, but he knew that any motion to show such was not in his benefit right now. He'd rather die than have the agent grinning ear to ear at a terrified Tridus. So, Tridus only squinted his eyes at the agent, intent on letting the agent see his anger. But the agent smiled at this defiance, smiled ear to ear, and left the room, the door sliding shut behind him.
          Once the agent was gone out of the room, Tridus had to force himself to calm down, to avoid screaming out or pure rage. He took a few deep breaths, and abandoned, for a few brief moments, his feeling of helplessness. He even managed to force Sashie's name from his mind, concentrating only on his own escape from the room. But he quickly realized that there would be no brilliant scheme to save himself this time. It was too late. And images of Sashie began to once again pour into his mind. If she was even still alive, he couldn't imagine what they were possibly doing to her. He closed his eyes and fought the tears, trying to once again clear his mind and make sense of the senseless situation.
          In the back of Tridus' mind, something else snapped and caused him grief. He was about to have his friends and allied embark on what would prove to be a suicide run...and for what? To save him? To save his laptop? He hoped and preyed that they made a decision smarter than the one he made when he decided to go with the agent. Tridus moved his tongue around on the inside of his mouth, and felt the small transmitter behind behind the back of his teeth on the roof of his mouth. He'd give anything to be able to switch it off, but he couldn't move.

          The puzzle pieces which Tridus had been playing with before he was kidnapped all crashed to the ground as BandWidth threw things off of the table, left and right, in an attempt to find clues. On the other side of the room, in the doorway, RStefan01 and Edge both tried to assess the situation by bouncing ideas off of each other.
          "Well, how many other places could the agents have taken him?" Edge asked, looking over to RStefan01, who was processing information. "I mean, assuming, of course, that the agents did take him?"
          "Plausably, anywhere. Usually I could narrow it down to a certain radius from our location, but with their advanced transporting technology, there is no way to tell where they would be at the moment."
          Just as RStefan01 finished that sentence, he spun around and grabbed a firm hold of a chainsaw waiting there, in the hallway. Psycho Sam! bounded in the room as a startled Edge took a step back from this, well, psychopath. Psycho Sam! grinned evilly as he stared at BandWidth, who had yet to notice him. RStefan01 put Psycho Sam!'s chainsaw down on a table beside Tridus' bed.
          "What the hell do you think you are doing here?" Edge asked, as BandWidth looked up to see what the commotion was - and in turn, saw his worst enemy. BandWidth began to walk menacingly towards Psycho Sam!.
          "Calm down, everyone," Sam! said in his usual sarcastic and angry voice. "I am only here to help. You people need to find Tridus, and I just might know where he is."
          Everyone gathered around Psycho Sam!, as he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. Edge immediately tried to take it from him, but he took a quick backstep and frowned at the three men standing in the room.
          "Bah!" Psycho Sam! scoffed. "If you want what is in my hand, we will have to make a little detail. First, you aren't allowed to kill me or put me in jail! None of you, I mean! No one here is allowed to hurt me. Secondly, you have to take me with you when you go to find Tridus, and thirdly-"
          Psycho Sam!'s ranting was interrupted by the ultra-strong cybrog RStefan01 firmly grabbing his wrist. Psycho Sam! immediately shrieked and dropped the paper, which fluttered to the ground. Edge bent over and picked it up, looking it over. Psycho Sam! struggled to get free from RStefan01's grip, but to no avail.
          "What's it say, Edge?" BandWidth asked.
          "It's a note, written by Tridus. It just says that he left with the agents, and as a going-away present, he left something special for all of us in the Albatross puzzle piece in case we never see him again. Huh." Edge flipped the paper, and noticed another message on the back, writtin in very small ink. "Hey, it says here that the dot flashing once every second is us, and the dot flashing every two seconds is BandWidth. I don't get it."
          BandWidth immediately fell to his knees and began to claw at the Albatross miniature, trying to open it up. RStefan01 let go of Psycho Sam!, who immediately dashed for his chainsaw. RStefan01 walked over to BandWidth, snatched the piece away from him, and then crushed it in his hand. As the puzzle piece crumbed to dust, a small, black device fell to the ground, bouncing and sliding under the desk. BandWidth reached under and pulled it out, and looked it over. It was a small beeper, with the screen showing two dots, blinking. Sure enough, one was blinking slower than the other dot.
          Psycho Sam! broke their gaze on the small beeper with the loud whirring of his chainsaw. He laughed insanely as he held it above the head of RStefan01, who immediately took a step back at the request of Edge. Everyone looked up at Psycho Sam!, who was holding his weapon in a threatening manner over Edge and RStefan01.
          "Now, we discuss my terms! I brought you that paper, and the clue to Tridus' location! I now demand that you do as I say!" Psycho Sam! screeched as the other members of the group shrugged and rolled their eyes. "You will do as I say! You will follow my rules! You will-"
          RStefan01 lost his patience and grabbed Psycho Sam!'s chainsaw away from him once again.
          "We will make one deal with you, Psycho Sam!," BandWidth bargained. "We will take you with us on our quest to save Tridus. We need all of the help we can get. However, you try to pull anything, and-"
          "I won't!" Psycho Sam! yelled. "Did it ever occur to you mild-mannered weirdos that I might actually want to help Tridus?"
          Everyone looked at each other, then back at Psycho Sam!.
          "You heard what BandWidth said," RStefan01 clarified as everyone got up to leave the room. "No funny stuff. We are leaving right now. Let's go."

          Tridus slowly came to when some water splashed accross his face. He groggily looked up and saw Albatross standing above him, an agent on each side, their arms crossed. Tridus thought for a second, and realized that he must have fallen asleep from exhaustion. He hadn't been able to relax in a long, long time.
          "I have been waiting to speak to you for quite a while," Albatross cooly noted aloud as he placed a cigar in his mouth at lit it. "You know the answers to the questions I have been asking for a long time. A very, very long time, Tridus, and my time is running out. My agents have told me you agreed to give me some assistance in this matter."
          Tridus looked up at Albatross with rage still boiling inside of him. He clenched his teeth and spoke with a tone that let the agents all know the underlying hatred in the back of his mind.
          "I will help you," Tridus managed to spit out. "But on certain conditions. I want to see my laptop...and I want to see it right now. And when this is over, me and my laptop go free, with you people never bothering me or my friends ever again. Oh, yeah, and I want have one chance to speak to SM_007, alone, for a few minutes. I have some business to sort out with him."
          Albatross' smile went into a frown as Tridus was speaking. When Tridus finally finished and waiting impatiently for an answer, Albatross looked at both of his agents, who shrugged. He finally looked back at Tridus, pulled the cigar out of his mouth, and let out a long sigh.
          "You...can't see your laptop at the moment, I'm afraid."
          "Why not?" Tridus immediately asked.
          "Because...it is indisposed."
          "What do you mean when you say that she is indisposed? What the hell are you doing with my goddamn daughter? I want to see her right now! You assholes murder my family, my friends, chase me down, ruin my daughter's life, and now you can't let me even see her?" Tridus was almost screaming, angry tears beginning to form in his eyes.
          Before Albatross could respond, SM_007 ran into the room. Everyone looked over at him, including Tridus. When SM_007 saw Tridus, time seemed to slow down for a few seconds, and SM_007 knew that this wasn't his instincts speaking to him. When the bruised, battered, sad, tired and depressed Tridus looked up at the sly, confident and now-powerful SM_007, he didn't, for this moment, see evil. He saw something else. Albatross noticed the quick glance. But SM_007 just as quickly looked away and picked up where he left off.
          "Sir," he said, speaking to Albatross, and frequently looked back to Tridus. "The ones that you mentioned before, the ones causing trouble, are, um, on their way here, right now. What are you going to do?"
          "You can take care of them," Albatross responded, not too worried. "It will be a good test of your new skills. And it will also be a chance for you to prove that you are ready to eliminate your current life and acknowledge your past and who you are."
          SM_007 nodded, and smiled as he left the room again, without giving Tridus a second look. Tridus, having seen SM_007's willingness to hurt his friends, reminded himself that SM_007 can be just as deadly as anyone standing in the room with him right now. And because of his error, Tridus' friends were now heading into certain death.
          "Tridus," Albatross said, once again bringing Tridus' attention back into the here and now. "About our agreement..."
          "You won't tell you anything until I have seen my daughter and seen that she is okay," Tridus snapped. "And that's final, Albatross. No matter what you or your agents try to pull, I won't tell you anything."
          "A pity."
          The two agents began to step their way forward, walking towards Tridus.

          The car doors slammed shut as Psycho Sam!, RStefan01, Edge and BandWidth looked at the old warehouse in front of them. It was no larger than most parking garages, and in similar shape, leaving the team a little confused and wondering if they took a wrong turn somewhere.
          "This has to be the right location," RStefan01 noted, holding up the beeper, showing that the dots were very close to each other. "It must be inside this building. There is no time to waste. Let's go."
          RStefan01 looked over to BandWidth, who nodded. The team walked into the seemingly abandoned building and quickly saw how the appearance was slightly deceiving. Even though the warehouse was old, empty, dusty and was decaying in front of their eyes, there was a large, silver elevator in the corner of the empty building that stood out like a sore thumb. The team, without saying a word, looked at each other before all striding towards the door, which let out a ding and began to open. The team stopped.
          When the door finished opening, the team stood in shock as SM_007 casually stepped off of the elevator. He turned to face the team, and smiled as he looked over his old friends, who were delighted and terrified at the same time. They all readied for battle. Psycho Sam! was the first to make any movements, readying his chainsaw and tossing his sawed-off shotgun to RStefan01, who pumped it once before aiming it at SM_007. Edge's arms began to glow a bright red before becoming totally enflamed, as he held his arms out with the palms touching, readying himself to blast a fireball if he needed to. BandWidth looked around, realized he did not have a weapon, dropped his briefcase and held up his fists. SM_007 continued to smile.
          "You know, there is a small part of me that does not want to have to kill you like I killed the others," SM_007 spoke, his voice full of delight. "But you had to come and spoil it all, didn't you? The only one who is going to suffer now is Tridus, you realize. My master is not as forgiving...as I am."
          BandWidth begame enraged.
          :"What the hell are you talking about, SM? What is wrong with you?"
          "If any of you are wondering who destroyed the Riptide building, it was me," SM_007 said, grinning, and seemingly ignoring BandWidth. "It was me who tried to end all of your lives. Yes, I destroyed that building, and I am going to destroy you, Tridus, and Sashie, whem my master is done with them. No one will be left."
          "No!" BandWidth shouted, charging at SM_007. Finally, SM_007 thought, there is some competition. SM_007 quickly sidestepped the angry BandWidth and let out an amazingly fast roundhouse kick, sending BandWidth's head cracking against the wall. As BandWidth's defeated body fell to the ground, SM_007 stood back up straight. He almost felt like laughing, he was having so much fun.

          As a research scientist walked into the dark room where Sashie was, the lights came on. He walked over to the laptop, holding what appeared to be a futuristic screwdriver. The scientist, after walking up to the table, removed a small tape recorder from his laptop, pushed down a button, and spoke.
          "The laptop should now be dead or at least the equivalent thereof by this time," the scientist calmly spoke, speaking into the tape. "She may still be active; however, I have been given clearance to remove her final core components for miscellaneous research and development."
          The scientist let go of the button on the tape recorder, and placed it back into his pocket. He then picked up the screwdriver-like device, and held it over the laptop. As he did so, it began to glow a light cyan colour, but before he could apply it to part of the CPU, he heard what sounded like sobbing. Confused, he checked to see if the laptop was still switched on. It was. The scientist looked shocked, and picked up what looked like a very small cell phone from another pocket.
          "Sir, come in sir!" the scientist yelled into the phone. "You may need to tell Albatross that someone left this damn laptop on! They didn't turn it off at all! It isn't dead yet, that's for sure, and we may need to start over from-"
          "No!" the scientist head the laptop yell in a young girl's voice. He slowly lowered the cell phone and looked back at the laptop. "You aren't allowed to hurt me! I want my daddy!"

          "Now, Tridus, I hope you will be slightly more receptive," Albatross said, sarcastically. He was walking in circles, slowly, around Tridus' steel chair, which had him pinned. Tridus moaned as a bit of smoke poured upwards from where he was sitting. He had wired connected to his temples. He winced in pain, his eyes shut tight.
          "I am not going to help you," Tridus confidently replied, his voice cracking from the pain. "I won't. Where's my daughter?"
          Albatross frowned, and the electricity shot through the wires and back into Tridus' head. He screamed for a second before shutting his mouth and holding it all in. He was trying to show that what the agents were doing did not effect him, and failing miserably. The wired, connected to the back of Tridus' chair, stopped buzzing as Tridus' tense body became slightly more relaxed. He opened his eyes again, and looked around. He was no longer in the chair. In fact, Tridus wasn't even in the same room.
          Tridus quickly got to his feet and looked around. He was in some sort of laboratory, with computers and equipment attached to the walls. A scientist stood confused, near one of the pieces of equipment. In the middle of the room was his laptop, almost totally destroyed, on a desk. The rest of the room faded away in the eyes of Tridus, who ran over to his laptop and picked up the only remaining piece that was still intact. The tears began to flow.
          "Daddy, I'm okay, are you? Why are you sad?" Sashie asked. "I was a little scared, daddy. I couldn't do anything, but then I could again, and I had you come here, and-"
          "Of course!" Tridus exclaimed. "The emergency battery charger that I installed, it-"
          "Um, excuse me," the nervous scientist interrupted. "What are you doing with that laptop? Who are you? This is a restricted area, and you are not allowed to touch that laptop-"
          The researcher stopped speaking when Tridus gently put down the laptop's remaining components and charged at him. Tridus jumped on top of him, letting out a war cry, and began to pummel the man with his fists. Letting out all of his frustrations, Tridus punched and punched and-
          "Daddy!" Sashie yelled, bringing Tridus back around. "What are you doing?"
          Tridus thought about what he was doing, and then immediately got up off of the man, who was almost knocked unconscious. He straightened up the old clothes he was wearing, picked up Sashie's parts, and then began walking towards the door, knowing that Sashie was now too weak to teleport him anywhere else.

          Edge took swing after swing at SM_007, his arms ablaze and still not matching the fire in his heart. He hated this man who had let them all down, and was hellbent on burning him to a crisp. However, none of his punches connected. SM_007 was much quicker than Edge, who, SM_007 had to admit, was learning his martial arts pretty well. SM_007 finally became tired of the game when he saw Psycho Sam! holding his chainsaw in the air, waiting impatiently for a chance to attack SM_007 without the possibility of hurting Edge.
          Edge attempted for a diving swing out of desperation, but SM_007 caught him in the gut with a stiff knee, followed by an elbow to the back of Edge's skull. Edge fell to the ground. SM_007 looked down, and lifted his foot to crush the air our of Edge, when he realized that in his arrogance, he had made one fatal error. RStefan01, now having a clear line of sight, fired the shotgun.
          SM_007 began to cartwheel to his immediate left, not having much choice, even when he could see the bullets flying towards him as if they were trapped underwater. He managed to dodge the brunt of the attack, but a portion of the spray stung him as he fell to the ground, holding his stomach. A few of the bullets were inside of him.
          SM_007 closed his eyes, attempting to regenerate and force the pain out of him using evahl. The pain was almost gone, and SM_007 knew he could once again stand. But as he opened his eyes, he saw Psycho Sam! standing above him. Psycho Sam! grinned and pushed the chainsaw down towards SM_007 with all of his might.
          With less than a few miliseconds to spare, SM_007 rolled out of the way of the chainsaw, which clunked on the ground as sparks shot all around SM_007's body. SM_007 flipped onto his feet, and quickly kicked the chainsaw away from Psycho Sam!. As the chainsaw flew in the air, SM_007 kicked Psycho Sam! hard, knocking him over. He then stepped over Psycho Sam!, and caught the chainsaw. He slammed it down hard into Psycho Sam!'s neck, severing his head. He once again felt his dominance, before sensing more danger.
          SM_007 turned his head away from the decapitated stick figure, and noticed that RStefan01 once again had fired the shotgun. RStefan01 was now closer than last time, and SM_007 couldn't dodge the bullets this time. He tried to, and managed to piss half of the spray, but the rest was planted in his torso and stomach. He fell down to the ground and groaned in pain. This couldn't be happening. He was stronger, faster, smarter than this.
          Time, to SM_007, had jumped back into proper sequence as RStefan01 quickly walked over to SM_007, holding the chainsaw to his temple. He once again loaded the gun, and prepared to fire it, and terminate SM_007.
          "Wait!" SM_007 yelled with a sense of despiration. "Okay, okay, you've got me! You win! I'm defeated!"
          RStefan01 stared at SM_007 for a few moments, then lowered the shotgun. SM_007 smiled evilly, and quickly sprung back into action, calling on all of the reserves he could. He felt the evahl flow through him, and once again, began to see the world slow down for him as he planned out every move he could possibly make, despite the fact that he could feel the seering pain of the bullets inside of his stomach and chest.
          SM_007 rolled beside RStefan01, and jumped to his feet. RStefan01 swung the shotgun, in an attempt to hit SM_007. SM_007, however, caught the gun and ripped it away from RStefan01's clutches, who was suprised as he had not been overpowered ever in his life. SM_007, with unmatched speed, held up the shotgun, and shot RStefan01 directly in the face. RStefan01 fell to the ground, hard, but quickly began to get up again. Part of his skin was gone, revealing the glowing red eye and metallic skin underneath. SM_007 sensed the anger in RStefan01, and a brief moment of panic. RStefan01, cold like SM_007, attempted to throw a punch, but SM_007 easily dodged that, and several others. SM_007 knew he was quicker, but also knew that there would be no way to stop RStefan01 without completely destroying his body.
          SM_007 noticed a large concrete pillar nearby. He ran around RStefan01, and ran towards it, with RStefan01 instinctivly vollowing him. When he was only about ten feet away from the pillar, which was several metres wide, he dodged another swinging punch of RStefan01, grabbed him by his shirt, and channeled any evahl energy in his body or the building itself. He began to run, and quickly picked up speed until RStefan01 slammed into the pillar with a thunderous crunch. RStefan01, now having indented the pillar, fell to the ground as the pillar quickly began to crack and fall to pieces above him.
          SM_007 smiled and spun around. He already knew what was going to happen, and opted to head for the elevator. As he was walking, he heard the rolling thunder, not online that of when the Riptide building collapsed, of the cement pillar falling to pieces on the ground, on top of RStefan01. It would not kill him, SM_007 decided, but at least it would contain him until he got a more powerful weapon from inside the complex.

          Tridus had seen two agents in different hallways, but was running so fast and with such determination that he mananaged to get passed them. However, the bright white lights had turned red as an alarm sounded. Of course, Albatross knew that Tridus was on the loose and needed him stopped at all costs. Tridus, however, didn't stop running for one second. He finally made it to a large room, not unline a lobby, where he saw an elevator, where the door was open. He ran into it, and just as he did so, he heard the footsteps over other agents.
          Tridus spun around and looked at the agents. There were at least ten of them, all holding their pistols at Tridus with an emotionless stare. In the middle of them all was Albatross, who looked neither happy nor displeased. He seemed...impartial to Tridus, which made him even more worried.
          Tridus spun to his right and quickly pressed the button to close the elevator door as the flurry of bullets slammed into the back of the elevator's interior. Tridus pressed the button to close the door again and again, but there was no effect. The agents were walking towards the elevator confidently, knowing that Tridus had no escape. They deactivated the elevator controls from this floor, and were already almost inside of the thing.
          Tridus almost had the inclination to give up the chase when the door suddenly closed on its own. He heard the agents slamming into it with their fists as they tried desperately to open it. The elevator began to move upwards, and after a few seconds, the door opened. Tridus dashed out, and saw SM_007 standing right in front of him, dumbfounded. SM_007 had been trying to open the elevator, and he led Tridus to where he was.
          "How the hell did you get away from your cell?" SM_007 asked.
          Tridus frowned.
          "I've gotten too far to go back in there now. I am leaving, SM. I don't care what you do. You can kill me where I stand, or you can sit there and do the right thing, which is letting me leave. I don't expect you to come back with me now, and I don't want you to."
          Tridus began to walk away from SM_007, who looked at the elevator door, confused. As Tridus was walking away, he noticed RStefan01 coming to his feet, out of a pile of rubble. Tridus immediately stopped walking, and began to slowly turn around, noticing the other Riptide members scattered accross the room. BandWidth was using a pencil to draw Psycho Sam! a new neck, who was grumbling. Edge was slowly coming to his feet, groggily. And SM_007, also seeing these people come to their feet, pulled his silenced PP7 pistol out of his pocket.
          Everyone jumped as RStefan01 tried vainly to reach the shotgun. SM_007 closed one eye, squinted, and pointed the pistol directly at Tridus. He began to squeeze the trigger, but before he could do so, he simpled slammed the gun down on the ground. As he did so, the elevator door behind him opened again, as six agents and Albatross walked out. SM_007, not having seen them, fell to his knees, the pain from his gut throbbing once again.
          "Just leave," SM_007 said, defeated, to his former friends. "It's over. Just go while you have a chance."
          "You've failed," Albatross whispered to SM_007. "I tried many times to be patient, to help you break the ties to your friends. I thought that when I had an agent blow up the Riptide building, once and for all, you would have left your old, weaker self behind. You're useless. We no longer have a need for you."
          An agent walked over, and held a gun to the head of SM_007, who was on his knees with his eyes closed. The other agents all removed their weapons, and aimed them at the helpess team. No one moved.
          "Kill them all."
          Just as Albatross had uttered those words, blue beams of energy appeared over the various agents, save Albatross. As the small particles of energy surrounded them, they disappeared. Then, at almost the same moment, five new beams appeared, and five people in futuristic uniforms appeared. Two of them were wearing red-coloured clothing, while two others were wearing yellow, and the last person, wearing blue. They all removed what looked like small laser pistols. One of the men in red looked at the injured Tridus, and spoke.
          "We represent the United Federations of Planets. There men, known as the agents, are a group of small-time thugs that have travled back in time to change history. As soon as we found out, we came and are now placing them under arrest, where they will cause no trouble to anyone. We are sorry for any inconvenience they might have caused you."
          Tridus blinked.
          "Are you telling me that these people aren't powerful at all?"
          The officer laughed.
          "Of course, in this time, they were introducing technology never seen before. Where we come from, they aren't threatening at all, no. Don't worry - they'll be dealt with appropriately."
          Trius stared in disbelief.
          "Well, at least that explains how they could see the future..."
          "And as a token of our good will and as an apology, we have left you a present outside. We learned that your building was destroyed, so we are leaving you a little replacement. It is actually one of the worst ships in the glazy, and it is in very poor condition, but it is the best we can afford. It is in pretty bad shape,but still has a full compliment of photon torpedos, a recharging warp core, and more importantly, a cloacking device. Thank you, and goodbye."
          The team were surrounded by a blue beam of particles as they disappeared into thin air, along with Albatross. Tridus looked back at his own team, whom had gathered around him when the captain from Starfleet was speaking. They all looked at each other, and then began to head outside. When they walked out of the building, they were shocked.
          There, outside of the building, was a Klingon Bird of Prey, hovering. It was big enough that it was blocking out the sun for several blocks. A small ramp was already descended and on the ground.
          "Damn!" Edge exclaimed. "This may be a hunk of junk to them, but this is still pretty sweet. Let's take her back to Riptide HQ, and make her our new home. We can keep her cloaked."
          "Sounds good to me," BandWidth replied. "And I call captain!"
          "Where's SM_007?" RStefan01 interrupted.
          Everyone looked around.
          "He's gone," Tridus said. "And frankly, let's let him go, alright? I have to fix Sashie, and then this ship once I am done with her."
          "You mean we are going on a spaceship, daddy?" Sashie asked enthusiastically. Tridus smiled.
          "Yes, sweetie, we are."
          In the distance, BandWidth noticed a familier Jaguar speeding off. The others also looked over and saw it, but didn't say anything. Instead, they all began ascending the ramp to their new ship and home.

          THE END!

Funny little sidenote:
Yes, there are probably more than a few little inconsistencies with this story as it relates to the future, but I thought that one funny thing that stood out, if you think about it, is how the agents came back in time because even with their advanced technology from the future, they couldn't master a technique which Tridus has perfected. What does that tell you? Is the future bleak, or is Tridus' character really, really, really smart? :) At least now Riptide has a new chief engineer for their ship.

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--Yeah! I mean Best in the 'Glazy'? What were you thinking? - Psycho Sam! - 2000-04-21 00:00:00
---I was thinking that you're a big four-eyed lamo and you wear the same stupid sweater everyday. - SM_007 - 2000-04-22 00:00:00
-Tridus is just really really really smart. :) - Tridus - 2000-04-21 00:00:00
--Comment and a question. - SM_007 - 2000-04-21 00:00:00
---Re:Comment and a question. - Tridus - 2000-04-21 00:00:00