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Author: DarthNinny ()
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

On 4/21/00 at 16:03 SM_007 wrote:
>Ya know, I had forgotten about this, but there is a really old Weird Al song that makes fun of the theme from Rocky, "Eye of the Tiger." I think the song was called something like "Theme From Rocky XII" or something ridiculous like that, hehe. It's on one of my old tapes, anyhoo. It's pretty damn funny; you gotta listen to the lyrics, though. (Okay, I know you can say that about any Weird Al song - but I mean it with this one.) There's also "Nature Trail From Hell" which makes fun of horror movies, and yes, the new horoscope song is also damn good. And remember: You are the true lord of the dance, no matter what those jerks at work tell you. Ciao.

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