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An e-mail I recieved from Edge:

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

Edge asked me to post this message in the forum, so here it is:

Right now, simply writing this e-mail is tough for me, but something I must
do. Life has gotten hard for me lately. There's some personal family matters
that I choose not to discuss now, and there's school work, and a whole bunch
of outside pressures; all of this has seriously hindered my work. Not just
Riptide, but my schoolwork has taken a plunge as well. In my senior year of
high school, being barred from graduation because of failing one class seems
to be starting to come true. I have to remedy that, or life will be really
hard for me.

It's with a heavy heart that I'm asking to be placed inactive within
Riptide. I know you guys need me to put up the site and get us really
started, but doing this is in my best personal interest. I fear that an
actual nervous breakdown or panic attack is not far down the road, and I
need to eliminate some pressures. Riptide is one (not the actual community,
but the pressure of getting an entire site up and functional).

I will be keeping my work on disk for the entire time that I am gone. How
long will I be gone? I don't know. Could be a few weeks...could be a couple
of months. Bottom line is this: If I'm not back within a couple of months,
then consider this e-mail my resignation. If this does indeed happen, all of
my work will be forwarded to you. I'm really trying to get myself together.
It's really tough for me. I really don't wanna leave Riptide, cause you are
all my friends and you are all depending on me and stuff. So I'm gonna try
to get my life back together and see what happens. If it all works out fine
in the end, I will be back, better than ever. If my situation doesn't
improve, or gets worse, then I will be forced to leave. I pray that it gets
better, because I really want to come back and be with all of you, but for
now, I must put Riptide on hold.

I know this might sound as being very irresponsible on my part, but there
are a lot of personal issues and family issues that happened that were way
beyond my control. I am deeply sorry about this.

Edgar Velez

Virtue mine honour

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