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Of course the FAQ isn't 100% correct. Much of it is devoted to describing opposing viewpoints on key questions. For example, consider the 'Who killed Asmodean?' entry. Numerous theories are presented, but at most one of them is correct and the rest are wrong -- unless Asmodean was killed by a posse consisting of various Forsaken, Myrdraal, darkfriend Aiel, Padan Fain, and Bela.
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From the Deep (Story Teaser)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-21 00:00:00

From the Deep

=Scene: An abandoned warehouse=

rRaminrodt and Psycho_Mas walk into the large room escorted by a police officer. At the center of the room appears to be a hastily built computer, its case left open and long cords reaching one of the industrial outlets on the wall.

Officer: There it is... We havent touched it, execpt to read what was on the front page. When we saw the word Arc, we called you. It was on the alert lists and all.

Psycho_!Mas: Thanks.

He turned to rRaminrodt who was already looking at the small monitor. There were three programs active... one was a browser window with a webpage and an obscure oddly long url. The others were a compliler and the program that had been written it it.

rRamnrodt: He must have wrote this. I guess the Searcher never lost Tridus's computer skills.

He clicked the program.

Mas: It traced the writer of the webpage to his real world address. Hmmm. Click back to the webpage.... we should read it.

He did so, each link on the page lead to the same second page but at a differnt location. This page read:

Witness the Power of the Arc.

The Arc is the all-consuming grand unliving force which resides at the center of reality. After its creation the Arc began expanding across all planes of reality absorbing all things. The Arc is pure power with the ability to control the nature of reality itself. In order to spread most quickly across the planes the Arc commands minions which are shards of the great power of the Arc. The Arc contains the minds of all it has consumed and uses these to determine the shortest path across the planes.
In order to control all, the Arc exists as a world without dimension with the Hgoerl at its center. As the greatness of the Arc spreads, the worlds it has consumed become unreachable to that which is not the Arc.
The Arc is the new Reality.

Witness the Minions of the Arc.

The Shin-Vekar was one of the first races that surrendered to the Arc. Their bodies were changed, hardened against physical damage and given razor sharp limbs. These creatures serve as shock troopers for the arc, and have overwhelmed many worlds with their sheer numbers.

The walking shadows first appeared on Earth when the Arc began preparing the planet for its coming by sowing chaos and discord in the politico-industrial arena. The Pareavearea have the consistency of liquid shadows and can slip inside the body of most multi-cellular organisms. If the creature has a weak enough mind the Pareavearea can command the body like a puppet and walk unnoticed amongst any species.

The Lagahcen were summoned by the Arc in order to hunt down members of The Spire throughout time and space. These centipede-like living ships are a juggernaut of power which tear through any opposition it faces with ease. They function equally as well in space or on a planets surface. The Lagahcen like the Shin-Vekar are somewhat vulnerable to the non-technological powers wielded by its enemies.

These tall thin beings are the Mage-Lords of the Arc. Their spindly frame belies the raw power they hold. These creatures learn the “powers” used by certain species and amplify them through the Arc. The Uchrakaghun are usually summoned to face off against singularly powerful beings that challenge the power of the Arc, or to protect the Shin-Vekar or Lagahcen against those powers.

This category encompasses any of the powerful beings that willingly became part of the Arc. They are given a Mass-Mind slightly separated from the whole of the Arc. This force scours time and space searching for new pathways for the Arc to become part of. It also is what finally turns a world over the Arc.

The Sjara Cova, or binding stone, that holds the presence of the Arc in any plane it becomes part of. The Prime Hgoerl supported the Seed of the Arc through the time before its creation. When the Arc appeared the Hgoerl assumed its place at the Center, feeding the presence of the Arc in the multitude of realities.

Witness the History of the Arc.

In the beginning there was no Arc. The Prime Hgoerl existed as a potential force in the underlying weave of supra-reality. Then a mind thirsting for knowledge saw the pattern and tried to access it, unable to and seeing this had a large potential for power the mind created the Arc in which to house the Hgoerl. The Hgoerl was more than the mind understood and was always a part of the Arc; this reconnection bound the Arc to the universe the mind resided in.

Upon its newfound existence the force known as the Arc scoured the mind of its creator. This being which called itself by the name rRaminrodt was part of a multitude of possible existences. The rRaminrodt then tried to control the Arc and was killed. The Arc found that it increased itself by absorbing reality. It began extending itself across reality, it “hungered” for more thought and found its purpose in the absorption of all thought and all in existence.

The Arc found that certain beings had some ability to retard its progress. In order to counteract these forces the Arc absorbed and modified biological races to serve as surrogates of the Arc’s power, where the Arc had not extended to yet.

Its first great challenge was to absorb the highly advanced world that called itself Earth. This force commanded both technology and power. In order to control this planet the Arc corrupted and subjugated members of the planet, and ate the world from the inside out. The few survivors formed a group called the Spire, which then challenged the Arc.

Later it was found that the rRaminrodt had reincarnated. The being finally died at the same time that the Arc destroyed the Spire.

The Arc is now unchallenged. Soon the Arc will absorb all…

Speak with the Arc.

To make it so that the Arc can hear you across time and space, recite the following mantra aloud.

Following this recital the Arc will extend itself across time and space and open a path to itself in your mind. With the proper mental preparation this will not destroy your mind and you will be able to communicate with the arc.

*It is not actually necessary to shout the last sentence.

Wield the power of the Arc yourself.

Once you are able to communicate with the Arc it is easy to gain its alliance. You must simply surrender your body to the path the Arc has created in your mind. Your mind will be then pulled into the Arc and you will be one with it. Then, as part of the Arc you will be able to wield its great power with your former body.

If you already are part of the Arc and wish to be placed in the minions list, email weblackey@arc.com.

Be aware of the dangerous group called the spire.

The Spire was formed after the consumption of the Earth in order to defeat the Arc. These lowly beings command a great amount of power and will stop at nothing to harm that which is promised to the Arc. If you have it in your power to do so destroy the Spire so that the Arc may spread itself faster. If you are unable do not concern yourself as the Arc will eventually absorb all.

Addendum: The Spire was destroyed! The great Arc defeated the Spire and destroyed the Planet-Starship they used as a base. Now the Arc’s pledged only have to concern themselves with the lesser danger of surviving Spire members.

rRaminrodt turned back to face mas and said only three words: "This is bad..."

Changes: NONE! It was a preview story.

Notes- All the stuff that wasn't the Arc webpage was done postbox :^)

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From the Deep (Story Teaser) - rRaminrodt - 2000-04-21 00:00:00
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