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let's try this again

Author: Anonymous ()
Date: 2000-04-20 00:00:00

Last time it messed up, and I being the perfectionist I am, wanted it done right.


Logical Theorum in Human Relations

2.)Theorums stating if/so
3.)Timeline of Current statistics, and denouncements prior to.
4.)Extensions to prior discussion

As a relished person of thoerums stating how human behavior affects the environment, let us take
a moment into thinking how human rationale relates to other organisms in the same manner. As mammals,
are we not prone to disease, sickness, and eventual extinction? The answer, of course, is yes. It is in
our future of our timely demises, but, for the first time in history, a race capable of saving thier
life, and all life, as a result, by using what is called the brain.

Most of Earth's organism's have them. To hunt, prey, and to become dominant. As a species we are driven to
better ourselves, not necessarily for our surrounding, but for ourselves. Since the beginning of recorded
history, our ancestors have seen what has been, and so we have seen what there CAN be. The difference? it's
called the Evolutionary Balance of Nature. Machines, were seen during these times we have so long forgotten.
Our ancestors relied on thier wit, they're instinct, and most of all, their abilities to live in the harshest

I am not stating we have become weaker, I'm merely pointing out that we have become dependant on something
that was never needed. It made life easier for us, but at what cost? We've discovered space travel, but what
actually putting it to use, other than just sending shuttles up into space? I have thought this many times.
I'm not sure whether it's the race to see who get's the furthest faster, or if they are doing it because some
our species knows we will become extinct.

I know there will be some that will say that what I am about to tell you is not the truth, there is a god, and so
on so forth. The peculiarities in this astonishing matter may not implicate that it is in truth, factual, sound
information, but as close as I could in documenting history in 300 year incriments. A lot can happen in 300 years,
and so some of it may not be satisfactory to many, but to those few that know, to those that are the thinkers, I
implore you, think as if it is, think as if it is possible. The time is becoming closer, as any intelligent being
can sense.

Also, as close to sentient and ecological a human can get, I feel things, and see things that are unexplainable, but
are for certain the very near future. Our rapid acceleration in technology is slowly gripping our lives, thus taking
away more and more what were were, and turning us more into what we will become, if there will be a future. What we
have learned so fast, is too self implying on our specific nature as mammals. For if we are indeed mammals we would
encompass our surroundings, and bend our society into the mold of our earthly existance.

Instead, as our society thickens, our vastness waters down, we choke our resources, and thus trading technology for our lives.
For now what we were, we are not not what was, but what we shall become, as we evolve. Defacing? Yes. Confusing. Probably.
The truth? DEFINITELY! We are not what we were when humans first came about, through thousands of years of evolution. Some ask
"Is that so bad? We were so primitive back then" That may be the case, but how can you fathom how smart were were, if when we
used Instinct? A continuing study of Intelligence vs Instict has yet to be finished, as there is no relative specularity to it.
Instict is traded to intelligence versly adcoherant to how we surmount our evolution. Intelligence was starting to be needed
when we become dependant on other things other than what our "Instict" had a hold of.

But, you ask "If they just relied on instict, how could we start to use intelligence?" The transversive nature of evolution
permeates through sentient beings...us..As if we were meant to evolve into a superior species. But, why not we just start as so?
Why not just start out superior? The answer is simple, if we were, we'd become extinct in a matter of weeks, because we could
not control what our gifts are. Believe it or not, every person is gifted, as thier ancestors evolved, we did too, thus stimulating
our gifted sides. That's what intstinct did, personify our means of evolution. It was not until we became advanced that we began to
lose sense of direction, and our use for instinct, it has since then, been watered down. We still use them, just not as much as we
should excercise. To create an aura around us, bending reality to our needs, we can make what we do, and use the energies to create
maginificence of a superior race. But instead, we are starting to become sluggish, and subtle in nature. We no longer fend for
how we can be, but just the defacement of our strict society, slowly taking away our heritage.

Before I get started on the first section, it would be wise that you have an open mind, such as I do. It is the ones with open minds
that learn and improve on themselves. I am not stating these facts are true, but, a theory, which may potentially be true.

Section 2, Theorums stating if/so
This is the listing of theories I
can converse about, and denounce,
and install my own.
1.) The Beginning
2.) Dinosaur Age
3.) End of the Dinosaur age
4.) First Mammals
5.) Evolution
6.) Progression of man into the 21st Century.

1A "The Beginning"
The beginning of earth was a long, and ferocious start. The gathering of rock, debris, and other pieces of what was left over from the
forming of the solar system. What is hard for some people to understand is that I have to wholly denounce the occurance that a "god"
Created the solar system. Major points to discuss are to come later. As it is known, to where factual information can be retrieved at best from
what we have learned thus far. I cannot really denounce how it began, but I can theorize what may have also happened.

Many say "We are the product of Aliens and an experiment. To ask one's self if this is plausible, is totally irrational, but not necessarily wrong.
For one, if we were created by aliens, we would have been relying on them for some time, and there is no trace of thier existance. I'm not saying
that aliens don't exist, but I'm saying that they couldn't have actually created us. People say "Well look at our bodies, we regenerate with such
speed, and it's almost as if they are genetically surmised to do so. But, if we were created by aliens, I would think also that they would have created
other creatures as well, and I don't think these "aliens" would create more than a million type of species just to create them. Many animals share the
same characteristics as we do, which denounces the alien theory totally.

The pools of homogenious/primordial ooze was created after the young earth spewed it's contents from the depths. The ash collected on the surface and the smoke
collected in the atmosphere creating storms that lasted several years, filling the scorched land with combined molecules of Hydrogen and Oxygen, creating water.
The water caught the ash, and this ash was very fertile, and thus, bacteria formed. The first organism to take it's place in the animal kingdom. Although it was
small, and very simple in nature, it started the path for which we all follow from, we are from one single organism evolved into a more complex species.

Shortly after bacteria, it started to mutate, growing in mass. Eventually, it created the first plant-like organism, to create oxygen, first in small masses, then
grew to epic proportions. As the oxygen level grew, dependancies were created to balance nature, thus, bacteria in water slowly evolved into creatures in water.
These creatures were the first oxygen users, and so as the oxygen levels grew, so did thier population. Then, a miraculous thing occured. Some of these creatures
evolved and started growing legs. Although this took hundreds, if not thousands of years, it started down yet another branch. Oceans were abundant, and land masses were
hooked together. As time grew, stress on the planet started taking place. An earthquake so large scaled split the mass of land, called Pangea. Many believe this happened
AFTER dinosaurs took over, it's not total factual truth either.

After this earthquake, many chemicals within the core erupted outwards to the surface, and so altering the genetic makeup of certain creatures. These alterations
caused certain species to thrive in certain areas, so the balance of nature continued to hold it's grip on it's new-born creatures. As these genetic mutations occured
so did thier attributes. The numbers grew ever so rapidly, thus starting to create the kings of the earth in it's early history. The dinosaurs.

let's try this again - Anonymous - 2000-04-20 00:00:00