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Important Election Bulletin!

Author: Anonymous (Reuters Newswire)
Date: 2000-03-03 00:00:00

Sarah Kerrigan here at Reuters Newswire with an exclsive report on the Riptide Presidential Elections...

In recent days, the elections have been plagued with political mudslinging and attacks, and things have degraded to the point of someone calling in Hired Goons. This reporter has recieved new information about these incidients, as well as a plot to corrupt the entire voting process.

This man *a picture of Tridus appears* has been accused recently of being the mastermind behind these attacks... ladies and gentlemen, we have learned the truth is that he... *looks up at some commotion in the studio off stage* Hey! you can't come up here! We're live!

*The Hired Goons walk onto the set. One grabs the reporter, the other sticks a burlap sack over her. They then pick her up, one drops a business card, they both draw handguns, and make their way off camera*

*A technical difficulties screen appears on the screen with some pleasant classical music*

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