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How do I recreate my .pwl file?

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-04-20 00:00:00

Yesterday, I deleted my .pwl file to stop IE from remembering all my passwords. I thought it worked (don't know why), but it doesn't. It remembers the passwords I entered before deleting my .pwl file.

As Tridus said, IE would ask me again if I wanted it to remember any more passwords. It did. So I answered no, and thought "OK. Now it's working," but while it doesn't remember any more passwords, it has an unpleasant side effect.

I have to enter my internet connection password everytime I want to use the internet. No matter if I click "Remember my password" or not.

When I looked in the windows directory, there were no .pwl files.

What I want it to do, is: Remember my internet connection password. And not remember the passwords I enter when I, for example, post in RStefan01.com or log into this forum.

Is it possible? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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