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Man, I've been seeing a lot of movies lately...

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-18 00:00:00

Do you ever go on one of those "movies binges," where you end up seein' a whole bunch of movies around the same time, and then you go through a period afterwards where you don't see many movies at all? That happens to me all of the time, and it's probably because I love to look into movies and think about them a lot (hence why I like deep films with an interesting message), and again, I want to get into writing/producing/directing films (TV too, but that's a lot more formulatic and your window for production is smaller). Usually, I see films in the theater, or prefer to, anyway, but since there are like no good movies out right now (though I wanna see American Psycho), I have been renting away like some...antisocial movie type, hehe.

Anyway, let's see here. In the past week, I've seen Instinct (a cool movie), The Astronaut's Wife (an okay movie), The Sixth Sense (a damn good movie), Stir of Echoes (an awesome movie - like The Sixth Sense, but it's kinda cooler in my opinion - and freakier to boot)...and tonight I am going to watch Three Kings. Oh yeah, and at a local old theatre that has back-to-back movie deals, they are going to be showing Fight Club and The Matrix in early May. I am definitely going to check that out! I think the idea behind grouping two movies together that have a similar theme or style is a neat marketing ploy, personally.

ANYWAY - enough rambling fer me!

Virtue mine honour

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