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Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-18 00:00:00

First of all, original release windows 95? Go to the Windows95 page, and hit the download button. And start grabbing patches. Among the most notable ones you'll want will be things like Windows 95 Service Pack 1 (making your version 4.00.950a), the password list update, the kernel update, and the various winsock upgrades (I really recommend dial up networking 1.2/1.3 and winsock2).

Most of that has nothing to do with your problem, but you'll have a more smoothly running computer for having installed it all.,

Now, onto the funky colors... are they always bad, or does it come and go?

If its always bad, you could try removing your video card from device manager and letting windows re-add it.

If it comes and goes, you could try turning up to a higher color depth (you might have 24bit available at 640x480 on a 1mb card) to give the system more colors to work with. That oftentimes can solve color glitches.

As to how ram could have caused the problem... who installed the ram? were they properly grounded and not all statically charged? did they happen to hit the video card with something silly like a magnetic screwdriver? (not that you should need one to install ram)

Its probably not the ram itself, since ram is generally not used in pc pci video cards, they have onboard memory for that. It might be some memory shadowing, you could check your bios to see if you have any video shadowing options enabled, and try disabling them. That will probably slow down your system a bit though. If it doesn't work, you can always turn it back on.

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