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Important storyverse stuff.

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-18 00:00:00

Okay, I just saw that thread down below where MysteryMan didn't know when and where he could jump back into the storyverse...and I also noticed a post by Tridus, where he figured that his character would die valiantly while trying to kill the agents and rescue Sashie. The thing is, if that were true, Tridus would be dead - permenatly. The storyverse plotlines might reset, but the characters do not. It's like a movie that way. This story will wrap up, and then a sequal will arrive, with a new story, but a story that takes place after the first movie is over.

So as for MysteryMan: Hey, we'll think of a way to write him back in. But even if we come up with something lame like "He was brought back to life thanks to a potion that Psycho Sam! made," it will still be better than "All of the characters are magically back to life and the events of the previous storyverse are hereby disregarded and therefore the effort that people put into them was all for naught" train of thought. That's how a storyverse works. So, yeah, we will get MysteryReed back into the storylines...somehow. But we are going to remember that everything that happened in previous stories isn't forgotten...it will just have no real effect on the new storylines (we hope - having totally new and fresh plots is a good thing).


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