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(POST BOX PROSE STOREE) It has begun...

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-17 00:00:00

Beginning of the End

          SM_007 waited beside the door to the laboratory impatiently. He continued to let his thoughts drift back to Tridus, who might be dead. Tridus was left laying in a puddle of his own blood. And what about the rest of the team?
          SM_007 couldn't afford to think of that now. He couldn't allow himself to ponder the decisions he has already made. It was a weakness which he had yet to master; a weakness that has led to disappointment in the eyes of Albatross many times.
          Just as SM_007 had finished that thought, the door to the high-tech laboratory slid open, and the old man walked out, followed by two scientists. He did not even look at SM_007; instead, he kept walking down the hallway, with a scientist on either side.
          Once they were out of his view, SM_007 quietly tiptoed into the lab, and took a look around. There were machines along the walls, but the interior of the large, well-lit room was empty, save for a small table, with a laptop sitting on it. Parts of the laptop were removed and laying beside it.
          SM_007 noticed how cold the room was as he stepped inside. He buttoned up his tuxedo coat and continued to walk towards the laptop. When he was a few feet away, he noticed that the laptop was emitting a low noice. Wasn't it turned off? As he got closer and closer, he realized that this isn't the noise a laptop would ordinarily make. No, it sounded more like the weeping of a small, fightened child.
          SM_007 cringed, then spun around and dashed out of the room.

          Tridus sat at the desk, and moaned. He once again had come back to his puzzle pieces, since pulling himself away would only be a temporary solution. He couldn't think of anything else but Sashie, and even then, when he sat down to analyze the past events, he couldn't make sense of it all. The frustration was beginning to eat away at Tridus.
          A knock at the door started Tridus. He leaped to his feet, hit his head on the light above him, let out a few profanities, and then sat back down as a nurse came over to him, smiling politely. Tridus didn't even look up; the nurse spoke anyway.
          "Excuse me, mister Tridus, sir?" she asked, slightly nervous at the man's foul mood. "There's someone here to see you. He seems a little urgent. If you want, I can-"
          "Send the person in," he interrupted. She stared at him for a second, as if Tridus had two heads. He looked up towards her, put on a fake smile, and added, "Please."
          The nurse nodded, and walked out of the room as Tridus went back to staring at the pieces of the puzzle. He heard the footsteps of someone coming in the room, but he once again did not look up. He just rubbed his fingers over his temples as he processed everything he knew. His visitor stopped beside him, and waited for Tridus to look upwards. There was silence.

          SM_007 sat down on a chair, as scientists and agents walked by. One thing that SM_007 did find annoying was the many agents. They all looked the same. They were all very methodical, always staring at an object for several seconds before speaking in a long, drawn-out voice. SM_007 knew, though, that he was the second model. More emotions, more personality, and more power. Power. Something he was gradually beginning to learn how to focus on and use properly, thanks to the help of his new mentor.
          Once again, as SM_007 thought of the old man, he appeared. Slumped over in his chair in the hallway, bored and worried, SM_007 looked up to Albatross, who was wielding a cigarette between his teeth as he smiled faintly down on his pupil.
          "What's going on with that laptop?" SM_007 asked.
          "It's useless, to be frank," Albatross sighed. "Even though some of the data was useful to us, it mostly centres around where the little girl's brain is stored. She...it does not contain any knowledge whatsoever of how the information was stored there. There is only one person whom knows that kind of information."
          SM_007's eyes went wide with a startling realization. He leaped to his feet and looked into the cold, dark eyes of his creator.
          "Yes. An agent is already on his way. In fact, he is retrieving him from his hospital room at this very moment."
          The old man took another puff of his cigarette, then stared at it as he thought. He spun the smoke around in between his fingers a few times before looking up at SM_007 once again. SM_007 was also in the process of thinking.
          "We might as well dispose of the laptop," Albatross added. "She...it has no use to us anymore."
          "But...you did say that you would return the laptop to the custody of Tridus when you were done with it. I saw it in the lab, and it was...crying. It was afraid. It was alone in a large room, and-"
          "I see where this is going," Albatross interrupted harshly. "And I do not like it. Straighten yourself up, and do as you are told. The laptop is almost beyonf proper repair as it is. Tridus does not need to know this, understand? We will tell him that if he wants to see his laptop again..."

          "...you will help Albatross," the agent finished telling Tridus in his hospital room. Tridus was laying on the ground, a bloody nose. The door to the room was locked, and an unlucky nurse who ran in was now slumped on the door, inside the room, with a broken neck. She was dead.
          Tridus hissed with rage. Aside from Sashie, the only thing in the world that Tridus wanted at this moment was to reach up and strangle that agent with all of his might. But he could not. The agent had him pinned down, and was applying more and more pressure to Tridus' chest cavity with his elbow every moment. Tridus could feel his ribcage under the stress.
          Tridus allowed his own rage to subdue for a moment. He remembered Sashie and knew that there was no way to find her. No trail, no knowledge of her location. This was a battle he could not win, one way or the other. As the agent bared his teeth evilly, Tridus looked up at the man, and allowed himself to spit out the words which, to him, sounded disgusting:
          "Fine. I'll doit."

To be concluded.

Changes by this storee:
Tridus has just officially made a deal with the Devil. >:)

I am going to ask a favour, here. This storyline is drawing to a close, and me and rRaminrodt are getting ready to write the closing chaptors with our own characters, whom are seperated (conveniently, hehe). So, I am going to write a big-ass prose story that will conclude the Albatross/Sashie storyline once and for all. So, please don't write any more stories at the moment, if you don't mind. Once me and rRaminrodt close these stories off, a whole new storyverse plotline shall appear, and another adventure shall begin. :)

Virtue mine honour

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