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Current storyverse information.

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-16 00:00:00

We are nearing the end of the current storyverse stories, which means that once these babies are all wrapped up, we can almost hit the "reset" button on our adventures (though the effects from these stories still remain, of course) and our team, which means that we will have some all new stories and plotlines for our heroes to, you know, have fun in. Me and rRaminrodt are going to be wrapping all of this up, with perhaps one or two more stories after that (maybe a story by Tridus or someone else - who knows). So, before we go into the "final stages" of our current storylines, here is where everyone stands:

SM_007 is with Albatross and his Agent, most likely back at their secret laboratory/base, where they have Sashie, Tridus' laptop which has been, of course, kidnapped for analyzation.

Tridus is in the hospital, unconscious. It is unclear just when or if he will wake up, but he damn sure wants to find his laptop.

BandWidth, RStefan01 and Edge are all around, somewhere, together as a team. Riptide HQ was destroyed, so they mostly hang out at the hospital with Tridus in the meantime.

The Searcher is once again on the move. It seems that he is off to destroy something called the "Arc," though no one but the Searcher himself really know what is going on.

rRaminrodt and Psycho !Mas have left to go and find the Searcher.

SoulTaker, still carrying the soul of the future Tridus inside of him, was last seen at RStefan01.com (the farm). He seems to be alive and loose, but just like with the Searcher, no one but SoulTaker himself knows what is going on.

And yes, bold tags do indeed rule. :)

Virtue mine honour

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