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Politics -- the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.
- Oscar Ameringer
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Re:My friends,

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

On 3/2/00 at 22:53 Sid6.9 wrote:
>Sid6.9- He says he wants to protect them from each other, when he knows that he only wants to force them to be his, and his alone. I support the Anons. If they want to have a name, they can, I support their rights like everyone else. And as the proof, well it seems you have pulled a "Watergate" in getting rid of the evidence, further proving you are "Tyrant Tridus". A vote for Sid6.9, will be a vote for you! A vote of standing up and protecting your rights!


>Sid6.9- No, I say you are saying no that you are holding them down. Holding them down so you can control their destinies.

see my above response.

>Sid6.9- I do not hold them back, I support them, I support their right to be Anons. If they choose to follow you and your tyrancy. They have that right, and I will not stand in their way. But I will fight for those that do not wish to be held down. I will also fight to prevent your enevitable holding down the other forumers with names.

inevitable? so it hasn't even happened yet? Your accusing me of *maybe* doing something sometime in the future? Geez, I didn't know you were the thought police.

>Sid6.9- You have wiped the information off the forum out of fear that the others will see your Tyrancy. I am here to remind my fellow forumers of your evil intentions "Tyrant Tridus". You shall not succeed, for I will support my fellow forumers as well as the Anons. And you too are part of that "Bloodsport" just as much as I am there "Tyrant Tridus" do you not admit that Y2T?

What information? I deleted nothing.

And yes, I am Y2T, in the War Room.

>Sid6.9- Well they are baseless now, because you deleted them. You did take the forum and cut off that part to hide the ways you hold down the Anons. I will stop you and your "Tyrannical" ways, when the forumers vote for Sid6.9, a man that fights for them, and their way of life!

What? What did I delete? You lost me here. I have deleted no posts that were not duplicates. It may have just been pushed off the page, set your config to show more posts or check the Search Engine.

"Ever since I met you on a cloudy monday, I can't believe how much I love the rain..." - Chantal Kreviazuk

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