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His last Question

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-15 00:00:00

His last Question

=Scene: The site of the former Riptide HQ=

Something heavy pressed down on the Searcher. He slowly ran his free hand along it felling its texture: concrete. He reached into the nether and drew out a drying heat. The slab crumbled into dust and small stones.
He stood up and scanned his surroundings. There was yellow police tape all around the explosion site, but no one was around. The sky was dark but the stars shone like so many tiny flames. There were so many... in this time unharmed by the Arc. He picked up a stone off the ground and looked at it. Now that theis place was gone he would have to find another computer system. He almost laughed at the iron; no matter how well one planned something, those plans would eventually break, just like they had for him. He dropped the stone and began walking.

=Scene: A room in the Riptide Radisson=

Edge: Searcher. Agents. Searcher. Agents. Searcher. Agents. O woe is me. How can I choose.

BandWidth: You don't need to be sarcastic.

Edge: Sure. Like you really care. *He gets up* I'm going to the hospital... To see someone I CARE about.

He walks to the door, steps through and slams it behind him.

BandWidth turns to the rest of the group.

BandWidth: I don't care about this Searcher creep. Those bastards blew up my office! I say we go after them.

RStefan01: But we don't even know who they are. How can we do anything then.

BandWidth: For all we know your Searcher freind is dead. Buried in the rubble, thats where he is!

As the argument begins to esculate and the other members of the Riptide community join in rRaminrodt looks out the window and stares out at the stars. Quietly he wonders about the nature of things, and why suddenly he feels like outsider again.

=Scene: Riptide Hospital=

Psycho_Mas is sitting near the foot of a bed when Edge walks in. The figure lying in the bed stirs for a second but then lays quietly.

Edge: How is he?

Mas: Better. He's quiet now, but the doctors say he's going though a big shock. They have no idea how long he'll be like this.

Edge: *Looking sad* did you figure out what he was saying?

Mas: No. I think it was something-beta but I can't tell. We're going to have to wait until he comes back to conciousness.

Edge: This is terrible. We're "back together" in body but still miles apart in spirit. Execpt for SM, who knows where he went...

Mas: Well at least we found Tridus. I'm glad the police found him in time.

Edge: Its good they find people better than they prevent bombings.

Mas: You can't...

Edge: The heck I can. For Tridus's sake I want those guys punished... as much as possible.

=The Electronics Store=

The bell jingles as someone enters the store. Mike, who was resting in the back gets up and walks to the front of the store. He sees a man who seems oddly familiar. Mike dismisses the thought as he gets down ot business.

Mike: How can I help you at this late hour my friend?

The Searcher: I need the most powerful server equipment possible. Enogh to build a custom search engine.

Mike: Thats quite the order. But I think I have the stuff... *he walks down the isles picking itmes off the shelves*
Here you go.

The Sercher looks everyhing over.

THe Searcher: It looks correct.

Mike: Now sir, how will you be paying for this?

The Searcher: *waves his hand in front of the clerks face* Sleep.

Mike falls to the counter snoring, and the seracher walks away.

=Scene: Riptide's room at the Hotel.=

Everyone has left execpt for rRaminrodt who still is sitting at the window staring at the sky. The door creaks open and Psycho_Mas steps in.

Mas: Everyone leave?

rRaminrodt: Yeah. Gone to bed or to do thier own thing until morning.

Mas: Why are you still here?

rR: Something is bothering me.

Mas: What is it?

rR: It has something to do with what the Searcher first said to me when he saw me. He...

The telphone in the room begins to ring interupting his story.

Mas picks up the phone and speaks with the person on the other end.

Mas: *hanging up* It was the police. An electronics store was robbed earlier this evening. They searched the area and found the stolen components were assembled... The computer is sitting in an old where house.

rR: What else?

Mas: Its been left at a website... They tell me its dedicated to somthing called the Arc. I belive...

rR: Thats what the Searcher is out to destroy. We'd better get down there fast. Put your coat on, were heading out!

=Scene: A highway=

The Searcher walked slowly along the road. Thoughts and memories broiling inside him. He hoped that someone might pick him up and give him a ride, otherwise he might have to steal a car. His destination was halway across the country. But that was nothing compared to the distance he had already travled.

If all was right, the end of the corruption that was the Arc was soon at hand...

The Searcher travles once again, and rRaminrodt and Psycho_Mas are following him. Tridus is in the hospital in a coma type thing. Everyone else is still trying to decide what to do.

Anyone can write the next story as long as you don't use the Searcher rRamin or Mas. I'm going to write a prose one like SM's that will end the Seracher Story Arc. (hehe =) I promise itll be better than this one :)

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