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Response to "Mystery"Mans couterattack from earlier today

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

On 3/2/00 at 11:56 MysteryMan wrote:
>On 3/2/00 at 03:04 Sid6.9 wrote:
>* As Sid6.9 stands aboard the back of a train *

>>The Sigma Forum crowd is mingling about, talking amongst themselves about the upcoming Forum President Elections...

>>Sid6.9 (On the microphone)- My friends, my dear friends please lend my your ears for a moment.

>>The crowd calms down a bit with anticipation on what Sid6.9 is going to say.

>>Sid6.9- 4 hours and seven minutes ago, the evil tyrant by the name of Tridus declared an election to be held for Presidential rights here in our forum. These elections came about because of the Anons being segregated from the rest of us. I speak for the Anon Party, and as the Anon parties canidate I wish to address the issues at hand.

>MysteryMan-My friends, can you not see the truth? He's bashing people...again! Tridus is not evil. Also, why does he care so much about these Anons, not meaning to put them down. I fear the Anons are friends with him, and when he is President, he will trick them into doing evil things!

Sid6.9- I'm only about bashing the threat of tyranny. Tridus is that tyranny and I mean to stop it, stop it for the forumers that cannot fight that tyranny. You are a Tridus sympathizer, which in turn makes you part of that tyranny. I shall lift you up my brother, lift you up out of that tyranny. For Tridus, I will also try to help him, I do not wish for tyranny, and will help everyone to overcome that evil. So a yes vote for Sid6.9, means a no vote for Sid6.9.

>>The crowd is totally silent as Sid6.9 continues...

>MysteryMan- See? The Crowd feels the same way I do...

Sid6.9- My friend, I do not hide behind being a "Mystery" unlike you. I am straightforward with myself. You should come out and let everyone know about you and the issues at hand. But I guess those will always remain a "Mystery"

>>Sid6.9- My friends, with this election, we shall overthrow the tyranny that Tridus has started amongst the other Anons which I support. Now I know this may sound like mud-slinging, but listen to what I say.

>>Sid6.9 pulls out a portrait of Tridus...

>>Sid6.9- This is the tyrant himself, Tridus. Notice the eyebrows on this candidate. Can you trust a leader that has such bushy eyebrows. The eyebrows lead into the soul, and as said time and time before, he who has the bushy eyebrows is the spawn of Satan.

>MysteryMan- What could of canidate is this? Just for having bushy eyebrows, Sid has twisted this into an evil thing. See...I don't want to lead you astray, but Sid does...

Sid6.9- No my friends, it is the truth. Talk to your local preacher or preist. He too will tell you of this.

>>The crowd looks around at one another and shrugs...

>>Sid6.9- But to look beyond that lets look at what this said presidental candidate has done to you all. He first started a forum, one that you must have a password to get into. Why would he want a password to allow you all into the forum? Why is it that only he can allow a person to recieve a password? I tell you my friends, he says that all will get a name on his ticket, but what price do you pay for that name. You must bow to him like he is a god to receive said name. And if you don't then he will not give you said name. This is only the start of his tyranny of rule over us.

>MysteryMan- Excuse me? It's his forum, he can do what he likes with it. Besides, their aren't impersonations any more. **Suddenly thinks** Um...my friends, I am not saying you should elect Tridus, I am trying to save him, and everyone else Sid has struck...See? I'm a nice guy!

Sid6.9- My friends, I'm not saying that what Tridus has done here is bad. But his tyranny is growing with it, and I do not want my fellow forumers to suffer. This "MysteryMan" seems to want you to suffer, he wants Tridus elected so he can be his henchman. My friends a vote for Sid6.9, means a vote for non-suffering, a vote for you freedom.

>>Someone in the crowd shouts...

>>MysteryMan- But he gave me my name without having to worship him.

>MysteryMan- See how clever I am! Even Sid knows this!

Sid6.9- Ahh my friends you see how this "Mystery"Man is trying to show himself as being the one that has shown me to be a bad person? For he is the one that is trying to cover up the truth, cover up the lies perpurtrated by Tridus.

>>Sid6.9- Ahh my friend, that is what he wants you to think. Who is it that you had to ask for the Password?

>>MysteryMan- Tridus.

>>Sid6.9- Who is the one that allowed you to have that name?

>>MysteryMan- Tridus.

>>Sid6.9- You see my friend, you befell his trap. You already are worshipping him by asking for the password, then he perpurtrated upon you your name and password. You befell him.

>MysteryMan- He's been trying to confuse us here! Do not listen!

Sid6.9- My dear "Mystery"Man, you are the one confusing the issues by trying to deviate my campaign. But I know the voters will see that I fight for them, fight for their rights. And unlike you, not hide them like a "Mystery".

>>MysteryMan- Yeah, but you had to ask for the password. What about you? You worship him too.

>MysteryMan- Nice comeback, eh?

Sid6.9- Yes, that was a good question Mr. "Mystery"Man, your intellect is not in dispute.

>>The crowd nods in agreement over this...

>>Sid6.9- Ahh my friend, ya see, he asked me to join him! He asked me to come. I have the conversation on tape! And if need be I will play said tape.

>>Edge- Yeah so what, you agreed to join him, why should we trust you? You did say he asked and you agreed, so what about that?

>MysteryMan- See all these obvious tricks Sid is trying to get past us?

Sid6.9- There is no tricks my friends. I stand for you, and will always fight for your rights. I will work with you in getting those rights, and a promise for a better day.

>>The crowd once again nods in agreement with that question...

>>Sid6.9- My friend, I only came because he guareented my that this would be a free forum, one of free will, and the ability to post, edit and use the Anon tag. That is where I seen his tyranny the most.

>MysteryMan- Can Sid prove that he was asked? What would Tridus say?

Sid6.9- You see my friends, he is truly a Tridus sympathizer, he wonders what Tridus will say. I do not fear Tridus, or his tyranncy. A vote for Sid6.9, means a vote for a President that will not stand for foolishness.

>MysteryMan- My friends, especially the Anons, Sid wants to use you...he will force you to post again and again, and eventually, Sid will use this power to take over Project Sigma!

Sid6.9- Once again this candidate is angered over the fact that I fight for all Anons, that he will try to subject them to lies. I will work hard for everyone, not just Anons, but for my fellow Named forumers as well.

>>The crowd looks around at one another...

>>Sid6.9- You see, just today, what does he do to my Anonymous friends. He takes away there tag of ANON and replace it with a non-color anonymous. Showing he cares not for the Anons. But his treachery runs deeper. He also revoked the right to let the Anons edit their own posts!

>MysteryMan-But, have you asked the Anons? Maybe they like it this way!

Sid6.9- My dear "Mystery"Man, the Anons can not speak for themselves, for Tridus will not allow them too.

>>The crowd gasps at this...* GASP *

>>Sid6.9- Yes my friends, no longer can the Anons edit their own posts. And he says that his forum as president would be fair for all. How is that fair my friends, how can the Anons be treated fairly when they do not have the rights that we do!

>MysteryMan- It's his forum, everything is fair!

Sid6.9- Once again, my fellow forumers, he says it is his (IN Tridus) not that it is ours? This forum will be a forum for all if I am elected, not a forum for those that wish Tridus to allow them entery.

>>The crowd looks at one another and agrees that it isn't fair.

>MysteryMan- Do not be drawn in!

Sid6.9- I am not trying to draw any of you in my friends. I am giving you the issues and letting you make your own choice. I will fight for your rights if elected.

>>Sid6.9- You see my friends, he wants to stop the Anons from posting to get them to ask for a password. You see he wants to be a God here, and not have everything fair. How can it be fair if the Anons do not have the same libirties that we all have! How can the Anons be welcome here when they have their livelihoods pulled from them like a rug being pulled out from under us?

>MysteryMan- They can still post as Anons, you know...

Sid6.9- Yes Anons can post, but do they have the same rights? No. Tridus has stripped them of their yellow Anon, stripped them the right of editting their own posts. This is not equitable in a equitable forum now is it? What will he do tomorrow to the rest of the forumers? You are truly blind to Tridus's hold on you my friend. You truly are worshipping him. My fellow forumers, I will ensure that everyone will be treated fairly at all times, I will ensure we all get the same treatment. So please, vote Sid6.9 for president. A president for you!

Paid for by the Anon party, a party that wants a brighter tomorrow, a tomorrow of Sid6.9.

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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