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Space before Time (Story Teaser)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-14 00:00:00

--This isn't the actual story, so don't get excited --

I stood staring at what I had just created. I was in awe of what fearsome energy that it simply took to remain stable in this reality. I stared into the Arc and it stared back into me. I could tell the DTP I called the Hgoerl was firmly in the center of the Arc, producing negative energy as it counteracted the Arc construct. Slowly, I began to probe into it with my mind, looking for possible instablities in the structure, when I reached the Hgoerl, I was taken aback. The Arc was bent and twisted about the Hgoerl in a way I had never preditcted, instead of being contained within the Arc the Hgoerl was firmly attached to the central node. The two were feeding off each other and sharing chaos.

It was then too late for me to pull the safty construct I had built into the Arc. Instead I faced the Hgoerl and tried to probe it. It was then I realised the Arc had gained a form of massive consciouness. I tried to pull out in vain, but the Arc now had me... It seared through my mind, tearing out every idea or memory stored within. I attacked it then with a Vae'sai'na construction but it understood what I was doing and killed me.

At the time of death I remembered the Sandrava, and the time I spent there. Then torn from my body I spiraled into iN'ea'Das. Insticnt took over intellect and before I could recover myself I reincarnated.

I was far from Earth and Core. Very far, I probably would have a hard time contacting even other QMS'ers. Not to mention Riptide or Turbine. I dispared for a while until I realized I was in a ship. I began working Immediately... Soon I will have the ship modified enough to travel through realities. My Search for the Arc's weak point begins soon... I hope it is not too late.

| LOG RECORD 13.24.34534.534A |
rRaminrodt n'Ad Ocraszan
Starship Victory

This is a teaser, I will go futher with the history of the future in my real story.

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Space before Time (Story Teaser) - rRaminrodt - 2000-04-14 00:00:00
-Bah, it's not very...dramatic... - SM_007 - 2000-04-14 00:00:00