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Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-14 00:00:00

Tridus, when are you going to stop spewing out insults towards the guy any time I mention his name? No offense, but I used to think I was stubborn and right now I am looking more like a Saint compared to you. I know you don't like the guy; I know you hate him. And I am not defending him 'cause he is still my friend. I am defending him because not only are you taking this all a little seriously (and if I were still doing the same, I wouldn't be talking to Akardam right now - and considering that both him and Proman911 commited similar crimes, with Akardam being slightly worse), but you keep slamming the guy publically.

When I got my head together, I realized that hating Akardam was a dumb thing to do. I was taking things way too seriously and holding a grudge for no reason at all. One of the reasons is that I don't consider the Internet real life. People appear different in real life than they do on the 'net. The other thing I did was I looked all of this from far away, from another point of view, and realized that the only thing that could come out of me hating someone was me being bitter forever. And the whole thing was plain silly.

I hope you come around one day. I am not suggesting you become friends with the guy, but seriously, your whole thing where you bash someone who isn't around anymore is annoying. I can't bring him up without you making some sort of sarcastic comment. And I know it's not just for me I am asking you to do this. I can't really explain what I mean in this post; I just hope you see my point when I tell you how dumb this feud and hatred and bitterness is. He's your enemy? What kind of sheet is that?

Just had to say all of this just as long as you don't stop. I hate insulting people who are not around and I hate it when others (especially those who have seen one side of a person) do the same. When me and Akky were at each other's throats, we mostly kept our arguments in private, over ICQ. I hope you can do the same. Or at least do SOMETHING.


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