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My fellow forumers, on the election day, ensure you show your support, support for Sid6.9

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

Sid6.9 stands on a credenza overlooking the forum, everyone is present including the other candidates. With the exception of Tridus...

Sid6.9- My friends, I am Sid6.9, and I am here to talk about the upcoming presidential elections. For starters though I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the analysis done on myself from the one reporter named SM_007.

Everyone looks back at the man in the SNN blazer...

Sid6.9- He has painted me out to be a thug, a godfather if you will. He says I have mafia ties, he tells you viewers that I will hurt you if I do not get my way. This can't be further from the truth my friends. You can all attest that at anytime you have needed my advice or help I have always been there for you. I want to continue in a much larger capacity by being your president. I am a hard worker, that will challenge the issues of segregation. Segregation that Tridus is trying to perpurtrate on you all...

The crowd looks around nodding, except for SM_007, with holding his question cards pipes up...

SM_007- Yes, I see there Sidister!

The crowd gasps and gawks at SM_007 for that...

Sid6.9- You may call me what you wish sir. Calling me Sidister will not hurt me. Names can only hurt your psychie my friends. And I will always remain steadfast in working for you, even though certain individuals want to use names to try and discourage me from running, and from you of voting for me. Sid6.9 the man of the people, for the people, and of the people!

SM_007- Yes, good, good that's fine there Sidister. But what about your so-called death matches? We know you run that place with an iron fist, not letting your competitors think for themselves.

Sid6.9- My dear fellow forumers, I run the death matches in the way a business should be run. If I were to allow these fighters to do as they choose, what do you think would happen? They would run amok, killing everyone, killing all of you. So what do I do, I hold them back, I make sure the understand that they cannot run around attacking others. That, as your president, is what I will ensure does not happen anymore. I tell you that I will work to ensure that the injustices and tyrancy of this forum do not go unchecked. I do not have to fear that you all will hurt each other, I have no need to hold you all back. But as your president, if someone does try to hurt one of you, you have Sid6.9 to watch your back.

SM_007 (Looking at his cue cards)- Okay but what about thos e Anonymous Goons we have been seeing? They are from the Anon party aren't the not? (Pauses) Okay SM if he answers that the goons aren't his go to cue card 5, if he says he doesn't know where they came from, go to #3, and if he says they are mine, go to #7. You aren't reading this aloud are you SM.

All the forumers stare blankly at SM_007...

SM_007- Umm, uh oh, umm, Bye! * And off SM_007 runs towards a limo while the forumers run after him *

SM_007 climbs into a limo as it goes screaming away...

Sid6.9- You see my friends, my Anon friends are freindly. These Anonumous Goons are but an attempt at destroying the faith you have in me. I promise as I had before to work hard for you, work with you in bringing about a free and equitable forum. A place where when you come in rings "CRY FREEDOM!" My friends, I promise to work hard for you, and not against you. I will ensure that Tridus's tyrannical ways will cease a deceast. Can you hear it my friends, can you hear the ringing of the bells, they chime for a brighter tomorrow, the chime for the freedom you so richly deserve, they chime for FREEDOM!

The crowd, including the other candidates cheer, "Sid6.9, Sid6.9, Sid6.9"

This message was paid for by the Anon party, the party that supports Sid6.9 in his bid to be a true leader of tomorrow, a true leader for the Sigma Forum.

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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