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Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-13 00:00:00

I have to say I wrote this message off the top of my head and I wrote without thinking, but you brought up some interesting points I'd like to touch on.

On 4/13/00 at 11:32 SM_007 wrote:
>I agree with having characters dying, its an important factor. But I think theres the factor of drama that needs to be involved with something like that. Not to knock SM's story or anything, it was very good, but you can't just say and the bomb killed every extra. The end.

>I think most people know that I had planned to kill off Ravage! and Basin off ever since they were banned from the forum. And most people were getting annoyed with all of the new characters that were being introduced. Couple this with the way I wanted to elevate the agents to being the "number one villains" so that the Riptide community would have no choice but to help Tridus (especially now that BandWidth is back with the rest of the heroes). So, in your opinion, how is a good way to kill off a handful of characters at the same time, elevate the major villains, and focus the plot with a dramatic wist? I thought I did a pretty good job with my story.

The goal was admirable, and having the agents trying to destroy Riptide isn't bad. I just think you didn't spend enough time with them before they were offed, but thats okay, the psycho bot moments were good... but we never really found out who Fabuloso was (other than a Don King clone =) or Ravage and Basin who were kind of victims of bad timing (this is in hindsight, Personally I don't have any complaints) with thier antics and banning.

Ummm. Having number one villians ain't a bad idea, but you've already asked us not to use them. You really can't have the best of both worlds in this situation... either their the main villians and we all use them, or they're yours and they are less impactful. I don't want to sound b*tchy here but its kind of a contradiction...

>As for dramatic value, well, it was a post box story. But even then, saying it wasn't really dramatic kind of rubs me the wrong way. I thought I had made it dramatic for a few characters (Psycho Sam!, BandWidth, Tridus and SM_007 all come to mind, here). I thought I really showed how they felt, even if I wrote that story on the fly. If it wasn't dramatic enough, well, I dunno what to tell you, really.

>I guess its just a matter of personal taste and style. I like extremely complicated books with a large number of subplots so that caries over into the way I write. I just think there's always something of a way to get out of any situation even if its with a stupid deus ex machina. To excuse a characters temporary absence.

>Now this is just plain annoying. :P I mean, you make it sound like I don't enjoy long, complicated, dramatic books with a lot of characters, a large plot, and so forth. I love those kinda books and I love writing stories like that. But please remember that we are doing this for fun, and these stories don't really have too much of a plot. They just keep going and going and going. In most novels with a lot of characters, most of the characters either serve a purpose or are totally unnessecary. And in this case, most of them were unnessecary and they were confusing people to the point where they didn't want to write any stories since they were really out of the loop.

Okay, I understand your point here and give you a point :) This is a matter of personal style I think. Its not really big deal, I'll just try to give any new characters enough oomph to serve a real purpose :)

>Maybe sometime when most of the story writers are on ICQ we could jump into a chat and hammer out some of the niggling loose ends of the storys.... I don't know, I have to get to lab now so my brain is not thiniking on the stories...

>I thought that I had tied up a lot of loose ends with my story, quite frankly. At the moment, SoulTaker/Tridus is running around, trying to deal with his split personality. The Searcher is missing (but not found dead - yet). RStefan01, Edge, BandWidth, rRaminrodt et al are now together as a group, and what happens to them is up to them. Psycho Sam! is back at his lab, I'd assume. Tridus is still looking for Sashie. SM_007, Albatross and the agent are somewhere else, up to no good. I think (and hope) that everything makes a lot more sense now.

Yeah, thats true. It was a very good story... I just get attached to stuff I make *sniff* and started spewing my thoughts onto the screen.

I *never* try to be insulting sometimes I don't form my thoughts enogh before I talk. Oh well :) I guess I can't be perfect....

It's time to bust a rhyme! *Does the evahl happy disco dance.*

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