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Reply to both :)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-04-13 00:00:00

I agree with having characters dying, its an important factor. But I think theres the factor of drama that needs to be involved with something like that. Not to knock SM's story or anything, it was very good, but you can't just say and the bomb killed every extra. The end.

I guess its just a matter of personal taste and style. I like extremely complicated books with a large number of subplots so that caries over into the way I write. I just think there's always something of a way to get out of any situation even if its with a stupid deus ex machina. To excuse a characters temporary absence.

Maybe sometime when most of the story writers are on ICQ we could jump into a chat and hammer out some of the niggling loose ends of the storys.... I don't know, I have to get to lab now so my brain is not thiniking on the stories...

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