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why I liked them.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-12 00:00:00

Of course when it comes to movies, I'm not tremendously hard to please.

Titanic - I watched it with Kim, and we really enjoyed it. It wouldn't have been as enjoyable if I had watched it alone, the whole girlfriend thing really changes it dramatically. Certainly not going to win the "most thought provoking movie of all time" award, however I came out of it feeling I got my moneys worth... both of us did.

Bravehart - same sorta idea, although I didn't watch it first with Kim... oh, yes I did. hehehe. Well, thats pretty much exactly the same then, except with more violence. We know its not historically correct, does it really matter? Watching a movie is a very bad place to get historical information, or information of any kind really, considering that the movie "A Civil Action" was drastically wrong on many facts as well... as was, well, the list is too long.

Neither movie is tremenously complicated or thought provoking etc... however, they do tell a good story. And every now and then, its good to just turn your brain off, cuddle up with your girlfriend, and enjoy a good story.

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