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I know you're out there; I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us; you're afraid of

change. I don't know the future - I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how this

is going to begin. Now, I'm going to hang up this phone, and I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see.

I'm going to show them a world without you - a world without rules, and controls, without borders, or boundaries. A

world...where anything is possible. Where we go from there...is a choice I leave up to you.
- Neo (The Matrix)
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Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-12 00:00:00

Hehehe, I somehow didn't think Ravage! was going to die since he came back and all. Good thing he did. :)

I'll probably be the only person to miss Basin though

On 4/12/00 at 16:55 SM_007 wrote:
Picking Up the Pieces

>Yip! That's right! This story is in prose! ENJOY!

>          The blood which was still trickling from Tridus' right shoulder and upper chest was a constant reminder that Tridus is, indeed, dying. Any time Tridus made an attempt to move, even in the slightest, pain shot up through his arm, neck and head. Breathing itself was becoming more of a chore than a necessity. Tridus was dying.
>          And yet, even this knowledge didn't phase Tridus, who continued to think of his beautiful daughter, Sashie, and how he was going to rescure her from the clutches of the agents. Tridus realized that he could not move. Tridus realized that no one could possibly rescue him or even know where he was. And yet, Tridus was already thinking of how the next series of events will play out, instead of worrying about his bloodloss.
>          "Albatross," Tridus muttered to himself under his breath. He continued staring at the ceiling above, whispering that name to himself. It was a name which he could not forget, a name which he was sure was important. The agent sidekick did not want him to know it. SM_007 let him keep it. He knew it was yet another piece of the puzzle. So, in the darkness, Tridus would continue to whisper that name as he lay on his back, unable to move.

>          The Riptide HQ building was now nothing more than fiery rubble. Smoke poured upwards into the sky from the once-mighty stone palace, but now destruction was the word of the day, as the broken stone only hid small, scattereed fires underneath it. There was no motion at all coming from the wreckage, aside from one figure, alone, stirring.
>          Edge had thought that there was a bomb in the clock on his wall. He was now, as he came to his feet, reassuring himself that he was indeed right. As Edge looked down at his scarred and torn body, he realized more than one thing. He first noticed that his black trenchcoat was now utterly and totally ruined, along with the ripped and stained clothes he was wearing. His hand was rather cut and bloody, too.
>          However, the other important piece of information he came to realize was that he could not feel his left leg. In fact, it was trapped and buried between two large pieces of rock. The rock was still pretty warm. Not having the energy to move these two large boulders, Edge opted instead to flop down and stare at his mangled leg. While he sat, he tried to put the pieces together.
>          Edge did remember falling off a chair when someone distracted him. Was it someone at his door? He did remember someone knocking on the door to the Riptide conference room, so that had to be it. Still, what happened next? He fell down and bumped his head; that much he knew. If the bomb was indeed on that loud-ticking clock, who could have managed to put it there? And why did Edge survive the blast if he was so close to the explosion itself? None of this was making any sense.
>          Edge looked around at the fiery mess and realized that there might be other survivors. He had to rescue them, and soon, before it was too late. He did not have time to weep for his broken, and possibly shattered, leg. With all of his might, Edge pushed hard on one of the rocks over his leg...but it did not budge. Edge once again strained himself and put all of his weight on one of the rocks, but still, it would not move. Edge felt helpless; a feeling Edge did not like.
>          A pair of hands suprised Edge, though. A pair of arms descended on the rock, and began to push on it. Instinctivly, Edge grabbed the boulder tight, as well, and began to roll it with all of his might. Pain shot through his leg like lightning, but at least he could move again. He looked up to see who had helped him.
>          RStefan01 let out a faint smile as he looked at Edge. They both shared an unspoken knowledge of just how dire the current crisis really was. Edge wasn't suprised that RStefan01, being a cyborg, was still alive. He was relieved, though, to see him again.
>          "Do you know anything more? About what has happened?" Edge asked, nervously. He really felt out of the loop. "I can't remember anything."
>          "Me and the Searcher had just returned from my farm and entered the building when it collapsed," RStefan01 replied in his calm and cool voice. "We had just gotten off the elevator on the top floor when the building began to collapse. I noted that there was no fire or visible explosion when the building lost its structural intregrity. After that, my processor went down for several minutes, and when I awoke, I scanned the arrea for the nearest life form."
>          Edge nodded, knowingly.
>          "And I was the first one you found, right?"
>          "Yes."
>          "Well, we have to keep looking. Help me up."
>          "Edge, you are in no condition to-"
>          "Screw that! There might be more survivors."
>          RStefan01 helped Edge to his feet, and put his arm around his shoulder, helping Edge to navigate over the rubble, as they looked for any other possible community members who might be stranded. RStefan01 continued to use infared sensors to help him search for bodyheat, though it wasn't easy with the sheer temperature from the fire beneath their feet.
>          "Hey, weren't you with the Searcher?" Edge felt he had to ask, remembering now the events leading up to the destruction of Riptide.
>          "Yes," was RStefan01's cold reply.
>          "Where is he now?"
>          "When I came online, I did not see him."
>          Edge frowned, and continued to look for anyone or anything resembling human life, hoping to God that not another person would die.

>          BandWidth was the next to awaken. But as he awoke, he realized that even with his eyes open, he couldn't see much of anything. At first he panicked and thought he might be blind; then he noticed a crack of light red and orange light shining down on him, and realized he was stuck somewhere. He barely had enough room to breathe, and immediately began to punch at the rock above him. Some of it came apart in a small explosion of sparks, and BandWidth could see a few feet around him.
>          Looking around at his location, BandWidth realized that he must have been caught under the explosion of Riptide HQ. He put his hands beside him and attempted to stand, and as he did so, he felt something move. BandWidth, startled, pulled his hand back, and looked down at what had been beneath his arm. Looking, he saw that it was Psycho Bot!, or what was left of it. All that remained now was one wheel and a quarter of the circutry. It's eyes and small arms were gone. It was moving, very slowly. Then it stopped, and the engine ceased.
>          BandWidth attempted to pick up the remains of the poor bot, but it merely fell apart in his hands. BandWidth almost felt a little sad for the poor, friendless bot, and was even a little suprised that he did so. He once again began hitting the rock above him, trying to clear a path out of the wreckage.

>          Tridus had now fallen almost completely unconscious in the dark and musty depository. He was desperately clinging to the name he was trying to remember, and was still more worried about Sashie's welfare moreso than his own. He let out a tired sigh and laid his arms flat beside him, and felt the thick substance soak into his cloak. He realized that this was his own blood, now beginning to harden on the wooden floor.
>          As Tridus' vision began to fade, he saw a dark figure come to stand over him. He didn't react at first, still fading in and out of reality. But once he saw it lean down towards him, his small pupils widened and he stared up at the figure he knew too well. It was his own. Well, sort of. It was his own old face, combined with the features of his friend, SoulTaker. Because of this, the face looking into him looked even more pale and thin than usual.
>          "Can you hear me, Tridus? Can you hear me?" he said in a soothing and calming voice, as he fiddled with a package which was out of Tridus' immediate view. Of course, Tridus could hear him, but responding took too much energy. Instead, Tridus just blinked and continued to stare at the man who would help him get on his feet, he knew. Tridus needed to go and save his laptop, after all.
>          And the man did just that. The former SoulTaker and the former future Tridus, or the Searcher, began to put pressure on Tridus wound, and the man took a long piece of medical tape and bandage, beginning to wrap it around Tridus' shoulder. Tridus closed his eyes, finally able to rest for a few moments.
>          When he opened them again, he was shocked to see that it was not a few moments later. Or was it? The man was gone, and the blood around Tridus was cleaned up, along with Tridus' shoulder. He could still barely move it, but he was able to sit up and lean against the wall. He did so, and then crawled up to the window. The fiery reckage was still in the place of Riptide HQ, but now, there were a few figures stumbling around in the darkness. Tridus slumped back down against the wall, wishing them the best of luck. He would not be able to help them, though.
>          He had another matter to attend to.

>          RStefan01 stopped walking when he saw a few bodies laying on the ground. He let Edge go, who fell straight into the rubble with an oomph. After all, he had been programmed to give immediate attention to those the most wounded, and Edge understood this as he looked up at RStefan01, who was looking back and forth at the bodies, looking for a sign of life. Edge couldn't even recognize them, they were so dark from the fire. He almost threw up right there.
>          "Wh-who are they?" Edge gulped.
>          "This one on the left was Ravage!, and Basin is beside him. They are both terminated. The one a few feet from them was lil bo shepherd, who is also showing no signs of life."
>          Edge closed his eyes in disbelief.

>          BandWidth had finally cleared a whole out of the rocks, and crawled onto the surface. He felt lucky that he didn't seem to have any major wounds, and all of his parts were still working. He got to his feet, dusted himself off, and look at a few bloody gashed on his arms. As he did so, he saw a silhouette in the corner of his eye. It was a stick figure. BandWidth bared his teeth in rage.
>          "Psycho Sam!..." he quietly said.
>          BandWidth began to casually walk over to Psycho Sam!'s location, and slowed down when he saw what Psycho Sam! was doing. In fact, his rage totally disappeared altogether. He looked at Psycho Sam!, now a few metres away, and noticed that he was checking for lifesigns on a body that was clearly dead. A whale of a carcass, which BandWidth recognized as the deceased Fabuloso McWilly.
>          Psycho Sam! came to his feet, and saw BandWidth standing across from him. They both looked at the darkened silhouette of each other across the smoldering flames, and shared a moment of peace and sadness. Psycho Sam! turned around and began to hobble his way into the darkness, the darkness in which he came.
>          BandWidth snapped out of his trance, and began to search the wreckage for other survivors. In the distance, he saw a brawny figure with another figure, which was laying on the ground. He could tell that the downed figure had a problem with its leg. He immediately began to ran over to them, and as he got closer, he could see that these two people were Edge and RStefan01.

>          Tridus was almost able to get to his feet now, but not quite. His head was also much clearer now, and he was able to put some pieces together. One thing he now realized was that he had given SM_007 enough chances. He couldn't feel sorry anymore. It was time to go on the defensive and get Sashie back from the man who had backstabbed him. It was time to stop worrying abvout the Riptide President and their meager concerns. The most important person in his life was stolen away, thanks in part to a man whom he also considered an important friend. He couldn't let the sadness of the situation get to him. He'd get Sashie back, if it was the last thing he did...no matter who he had to go through to get it.

>          As BandWidth was running back towards RStefan01 and Edge, who had now seen him coming, he tripped over what he thought was a rock. As he was getting up, he realized that it was actually a body, since rocks don't usually moan when you trip on them. He looked down and saw rRaminrodt, totally unconscious and in pain.
>          RStefan01 once again had helped Edge to his feet, or foot, and they had both slowly began to make their way over. When they were only about a dozen feet away, they saw BandWidth laying the injured rRaminrodt to lay on his back in a less awkward position.
>          "Any idea who did this?" BandWidth said as he got back to his feet and greeted RStefan01 and Edge with a nod.
>          "Yeah, I do. I think it was those goddamn agents," Edge stated firmly. "And they need to pay."
>          "We do not know that for sure," RStefan01 clarified. "It may have been someone else. It may have been the Searcher, or even Psycho Sam! himself. It could have been anyone, including someone we haven't seen yet."
>          "Maybe," Edge replied. "But I doubt it. Those agents just fit this too perfectly for me to not believe it was them. And where has SM_007 been all this time?"
>          RStefan01 just shook his head and looked at rRaminrodt.
>          "Then I guess we'd better get to emergency shelter," rRaminrodt decided. "I've seen enough for one day. There's no one else here."
>          Just as rRaminrodt, another figure popped out of the darkness and grabbed him, panting and sobbing.
>          "Oh, the humanity!" it said.
>          They looked, and realized that this wasn't Psycho Sam! who was crying. It was actually Psycho !Mas.
>          "Where have you been the last several days?" rRaminrodt asked. "You haven't been around anywhere!"
>          Psycho !Mas wiped some tears from his eyes.
>          "Well, it's kinda embarassing, but I accidentally locked myself in a Riptide bathroom a few days ago and I never managed to get out - until now, that is."
>          rRaminrodt shook his head in disappointment.
>          "Well, let's go. I actually think we've done everything we can for a change. Let's find an emergency shelter location, and get the hospital over here as soon as possible."
>          "Agreed," RStefan01 acknowledged. "I cannot pick anything else up on my sensors. It would be better at this time to call in a professional rescue team."
>          They all slowly walked away from the mountain of wreckage, fearing the worst for everyone.

>Rest in Peace:
>lil bo shepherd
>Fabuloso McWilly
>Psycho Bot!

>The end.

>It's time to bust a rhyme! *Does the evahl happy disco dance.*


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