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My friends do you really want a leader that says he is a "Mystery", no you want a true leader!

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

On 3/2/00 at 11:38 MysteryMan wrote:
>**MysteryMan walks on stage**

>"Attention, fellow forumers. I, myself, have not lowered myself to bashing...until now. I've always known Sid to be an evil, twisted man...more than ever now."

My friends I have never been "evil" towards any one of you. This candidate is truly confused with trying to discourage you with lies. Yes he is right in that I'm "Twisted", twisted in doing the right things here on this forum, for you, and if elected I will work with you and not be a "Mystery" like this candidates name applies.

>"Am I the only one that notices how Sid has attacked each of the Canidates, including myself? Has anyone else noticed that Sid is hated so much, Hired Goons were sent after him?"

My friends, I do not attack, I merely stated the obvious character flaws of these candidates platforms. Not one of the current candidates have even scathed my reputation or even touched on my goals. A goal of a just and fair forum where everyone has the same rights and privledges. Is that not what we all want? So vote Sid6.9, he is the man that will get the job done, and not be a "Mystery".

>"Sid, if you are listening, answer these questions..."

Sid6.9- Sid6.9 does not hide from any question...

>"Why is there only a War Room Death Match? Are you saying we are unworthy of being in this great honor?"

Sid6.9- Not at all, the War Room Death Matches are designed for the people of the War Room. But any forumer that frequents the War Room is more than welcome to be in them. In fact my friends, Tridus, rRaminrodt, SM_007, Salmonius, and Gunslinger have been in them. I think this candidate is singing sour grapes my friends. A vote for Sid6.9 means that he challenges all the issues, and does not have sour grapes about not being in stories or presentations. A vote for Sid6.9 means you can sleep at night.

>"You have viewed lots of Death Matches, no? I fear, Sid, these have twisted your mind into something full of evil...ahh, but it is not your fault."

Sid6.9- My friends, this candidate is filling you with propaganda. With my death matches comes with it a "Disclaimer". I think this candidate is jealous of the following the death matches are given. A vote for "MysterMan" means a vote for jealousy. A vote for Sid6.9 means a vote for faithfulness.

>"Why have you resorted to hurting others' speeches to win? Do you fear you have no chance?Oh, and I know I'm doing that, but I fear you need a taste of your own medicine..."

Sid6.9- My fellow forumers, I feel my being able to bring you my views on the other candidates will show just what they are offering you, and what I can offer. I leave the voting for you, the voter. This candidate is truly unsure and unworthy of your vote, he is trying to desuade you with trying to destroy my character. He does not answer the issues, he does not let you know how he is going to help you does he? Do you want a leader that intends to try to put you down? No, you want a leader that will lift you up. A leader that will fight for you and not against you. You want a leader in Sid6.9

Paid for by the Anon party, a party that supports Sid6.9 as your first ever Presidential candidate.

>**Ladies Sing**
"Vote for MysteryMan!"
"Make the forum a better place, he can!"
"So when you go to vote!"
"Vote the name I've wrote!"
"Right here -----> MysteryMan"


>"The Phoenix can be reborn, but it is never the same"

Sid6.9- "If weird was a person, he'd be me!" :-)

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