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Diablo is cool

Author: Ravage! ()
Date: 2000-04-12 00:00:00

Last night me and BandWidth were playing and we turned fighting the butcher into one of those NES mini-games. The kind you'd see in a mario game or something.

"Shoot the butcher"

Then we spent an hour trying to kill the skeleton king "Skeletor" We had to retreate 4 times. He was practicly immortal, eventually we managed to get some better armor. And we were both able to use staffs of holy bolt. So we took him out. But BandWidth got the actual kill. and since he was at lvl 12. the experience didn't do much. I was the one that needed it.

Damn you bandwidth.. *reaches over and hits bandwidth*

Tonight we play again.

game name is l33t pass h4x0rz

Diablo is cool - Ravage! - 2000-04-12 00:00:00