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My God, I just realized that the worm's creator was obviously a man with an ex-girlfriend. It has a monthly cycle. It spends the 2/3rds of the month putting its nose in where it doesn't belong. It then spends the remaining 1/3 of the month on a complete lashing-out, bitchfest. Gads. Couldn't he have just gotten drunk instead?
- Anonymous (talking about Code Red)
Liz and I have been together for 17.319 years. Yay us!
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That was funny in a *groan* kind of way....

Author: The Lord DebtAngel ()
Date: 2000-04-12 00:00:00

DON! :)

(It was already mentioned long ago in this thread, but it bears repeating).

I have ways of making you tock :).

Is it not nifty? Sluggy Freelance. Worship the comic.

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