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Author: Edge ()
Date: 2000-03-02 00:00:00

Sorry...I couldn't resist! :)

The truth is that I was hired as a dummy candidate by the evil Sid6.9. My job was to act as a "spoiler" and ruin your chances of winning the election. He paid me quite a handsome fee as well. I am actually an independent dummy candidate-for-hire. I could have been hired by you, but the opportunity passed when Sid6.9 required my services.

But I am done with these false statements as of now. I am officially entering the race for president as my own person, not a hired lackey. I, unlike what Sid6.9 paid me for, am also a candidate of the people and only serve the greater good. Ask of me and I shall provide (only if it's for the good of the community).

That, my friend, is the entire truth. If you want a person to sneer at, it's Sid6.9 all along. His twisted web of deception has been revealed.


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